Sportmax Spring Summer 2020 was a journey. It began underneath a canopy of great white sails, and ended here; a spectacular finale with which every electryfing crescendo, every momentous look, would gather pace and flap ferociously, undulating like the sails of a ship in the wind. It was stirring, poignant and graceful; a journey which left you wanting to be part of this world, however exclusive and esoteric it may be.

Inspired by artist Daniel Wurtzel, known for his large-scale kinetic sculptures and installations, the collection reflected the sensations expressed in Wurtzel’s works, sensations that free the body and the soul. This sense of freedom and levity was communicated through languid shapes and sheer texture; sweeping silk gowns and georgette blouses that moved as eloquently as the sails high above. But for all its fragility, there was also a toughness, rubberised jersey and robust leather which culminated in exquisite, laced leather harnesses which fell with both irony and beauty. The juxtaposition of these contrasting materials made for a dazzling display down the runway, a clever game of contrast only the deft can truly master.

There was also a polarity in silhouette; along with breezy, billowing shape and feminine drapery, there were equal amounts of sharp, precise tailoring and lofty structure. A one-of-a-kind graphic plaid was fantastic, fringed at the hem and finished with a piped leather trim, it shimmied with drama as models walked.

A hushed palette, colours looked as if they’d be faded by the sun; sky blues, dusty pinks and sea foam green appeared to have been sun-kissed, while stark white and richer hues of cornflower blue and indigo also played out. There was even a floral injection, albeit a soft, subtle version which was tempered with puffy volume.

Up top, leather page boy caps kept Duffy’s effortless hair in check, while down below, footwear was decidedly chunky and super stacked; bulbous ankle-wrap sandals featuring rounded leather cords and oversized buckles, high-performance futuristic sneakers and a new front-runner for the chicest shoe of the season, a stylish peep-toe slingback.

A revelatory collection of unexpected shapes and fabric combinations, leaving The Mall in Piazza Lina Bo Bardi, you felt as if you were floating on air; free, spirited and on a sublime new journey with Sportmax.

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