Karl Lagerfeld has almost made a throw-down sport of planning spectacular Cruise shows everybody wants to be at. Maybe it’s because the clothes are more frivolous and commercial than trend focused. Maybe it’s because the VIP guests and style media are flown to each equally fabulous new destination by the brand. (Who doesn’t love the idea of a luxury holiday somewhere new on someone else’s dollar?)

Either way it’s the one show most fashion journalists pray to the style gods they get a golden invite to. (Today’s VIP welcome kit contained a Chanel straw fedora, guide book to Havana and Chanel Sublimage sunblock. Chic touch.)

We’re not sure if the rise of instant social media coverage is a blessing or a curse (jealous, much? Yes, all of us). Either way, there was plenty to admire from afar about today’s 25-minute Chanel Cruise 2017 show held on an ornate, leafy section of Havana’s famous street, the Paseo del Prado.

5 things we loved most about #CocoCubano via instaland

1. Giselle missed the Met Gala for it She’s the face of the brand, so odds on she’d cancel pretty much anything else in her calendar for it, but the fact she missed the biggest couture costume party in the world to sit front row still raised eyebrows. She knows which side of her gluten free bread is best buttered.

2. The guest chauffeur fleet for guests was better than a pack of fruit tingles 
If you’re going to ditch the Chanel signature black and white thing, you might as well go all-out, right? Cue an avalanche of rainbow-bright selfie backgrounds. Everything to love.


3. Karl wore a sequined YSL jacket to the show
Nothing says “I know I’m king” more than a designer who is so comfortable with his own omnipotence he choses to showcase a rival brand’s wares on his own runway. Chances are KL’s typical wardrobe doesn’t normally extend beyond black or white, but we’d rather think it was a rather bold message of support to its creator, the recently-departed YSL creative director Hedi Slimane. Future collab? Here’s hoping.


5. The clothes were a lesson in how Resort should be done
A Cruise collection made well is both beautiful and commercial gold; the pieces are wearable, light-hearted and as real-world user-friendly as luxury fashion gets. There were a lot of looks in this collection by typical show standards – and not all were the gaudy, brights guests probably expected from the rainbow cavalcade getting there. Muted dresses in khaki (the colour of the season) and monotones embellished with feathers and sequins balanced out jewel-toned minis and out-there colour featured in the second half of the parade. The overall effect: mesmerising.

5. All the amazing little details. Oh, and those shoes
For a brand famous for its elegant simplicity (its hero bag is a black quilted rectangle, right?) Chanel and all who work there are masters of detail. Case in point – all the beading, buttons, bling and badges heralding Cuba as an increasingly viable travel destination. And how could we not want a pair of bowling shoe loafers in our trans-season wardrobes? Already added to the spring lust-have list.


Cover Image: Getty Images