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When it comes to exfoliation, our faces have always had all the fun. But one silver lining to come out of this year is that body products have finally caught up. Instead of boring loofah gloves and jagged scrubs, we’re now being presented with a slew of body products that soften in a smarter way: acids. And it makes sense, right? Who doesn’t want baby-soft skin from top to toe? From resurfacing deodorants to salicylic-boosted cleansers, you’re sure to find your smoothest skin in one of the bottles below.

Keep scrolling for the best exfoliating body products to launch this year. 

Mecca Athletica Ultra Firming Body Lotion, $40. shop now

This lotion contains Proteasyl™, a botanical peptide clinically proven to give the skin a firmer and more elastic appearance. It’s also loaded with bakuchiol and lactic acid to encourage skin cell turnover. You’ll feel softer immediately and skin texture will appear smoother over time. Also, the texture is super fresh and it smells like a dream – citrusy but not at all cliche.

Kosas Sport Chemistry AHA Sport Deodorant, $24. SHOP NOW

The only thing not to like about this product is that we didn’t think of the concept first. Instead of just a regular deodorant, it contains a blend of AHAs to fade discolouration and marks under the arms. Genius. It’s “cleaner” than normal antiperspirants, but will still keep you fresh.



Cera Ve SA SMoothing Cleanser, $17. shop now

This cheap and cheerful cleanser can be used on the face and body, but we love it massaged into the back of arms and tops of things for smooth, bump-free skin. The hero ingredient is a high concentration of salicylic acid (a BHA that can dissolve the oil inside a pore), plus soothing ceramides and a healthy dose of niacinamide. For best results, leave it on the skin for at least a minute. Expensive skin at a cheap price – it’s a yes from us.

Goldfaden MD Doctors Body Scrub, $138. shop now

Okay okay, this is a physical scrub – but not just any scrub. Instead, it’s a bounty of super fine ruby crystals and bamboo powder to gently (but effectively) buff away rough skin on the legs, arms, elbows and feet. It also contains fruit enzymes, so try leaving it on the skin while you shampoo – this will give the enzymes a chance to work. Chemical AND physical body exfoliation FTW.

Frank Body Charcoal Body Scrub + Mask, $20. shop now

Another physical scrub but hear us out. This deep cleansing mask-scrub hybrid uses walnut and coffee grounds to slough off dead skin and scaly bits, while charcoal draws out impurities. It’s perfect for chest, back and butt acne. Just massage into damp skin and rub in circular motions. Plus, it hangs easily in the shower (peep the clever packaging).