Ferragamo F heel
PARIS, FRANCE – FEBRUARY 27: Fashion and lifestyle blogger Julia Comil wears Ferragamo’s F-Heel Slingback in Black. Credit: Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.

Call it the “F” factor. If there ever were a statement shoe to herald our grand return to freedom – one that will wow your girlfriends and look slick next to a spritz on Instagram – it’s Ferragamo’s F-Heel.

Reimagined from Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic 1940s creation, the Italian-made shoe – in slingback and sandal form – features a sculptured 8.5cm heel, and is dubbed “modern art for your feet”. Made from Nappa leather and with a curved, V-shaped front Ferragamo’s F-Heel is one of the coolest looks of the season, and comes in a closed-toed slingback (in optic white and black), and as an open-toe, the F-Heel Sandal (yellow).

Below, GRAZIA’s fashion director Aileen Marr takes you through five ways to style the F-Heel.

Credit: Supplied by Ferragamo

Team the F-Heel with tailored trousers or on-trend fitted pants with ankle slits. “It’s about the wide-leg at the moment but at the same time, everyone is still wearing the split pant,” Marr says. “So they’d suit (the F-Heel) because you’ll be able to see a bit of the heel and from the front, you’ll be able to see the V-shape. It’s a slingback, so it’s a lighter look (with pants) than a boot or a full pump.”

Pair the F-Heel with structured shorts and a blazer, for an elevated take on the spring and summer suit. “You could wear it with a shorts suit – shorts and a blazer. For a summer look, I’d be leaning towards the white,” Marr says. “White, as much as it’s not always practical, it’s so chic and it works with anything. It lightens up an outfit. Black tends to be more classic – it will be forever in your wardrobe. People go to black but I think white is the new neutral.”

Marr suggests coordinating the open-toed F-Sandal in yellow – or the classic F-heel in white – with breezy summer denim. “I would wear the mule for sure – fringed denim with a wide-leg,” Marr says. “The white would be nice with skirts or dresses, something shorter. It elevates the length of your leg: a slingback that’s cut like that is elegant on the ankle.”

Marr says Ferragamo’s yellow leather is “the colour of the moment”, which can add a pop of personality to any outfit. “It can work with everything,” she says. “It’s so flexible in the sense that, if you’ve got something quite neutral, you put these heels on (in yellow) and you’ve got your accent. The open toe is great for moving into spring and summer, with a pedi.”

The versatile F-Heel and F-Sandal are as fitting for a polished, professional look (think: the office, when it reopens) as they are for Friday night drinks. “From daytime to evening, these are elegant and have that statement heel – as we’ve just seen from the runways (at fashion week), it’s still about the heel. Like the Ferragamo runway, try it the slingback with a sock,” Marr suggests.

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