Take one look at Suki Waterhouse and one instantly thinks ‘fun’. Insouciant, cheeky, bold; the multihyphenate is a little gritty, very beautiful, but above all else, a lot of fun. It’s no wonder then that storied Italian house Salvatore Ferragamo tapped Suki for their latest perfume, Flowerful.

A sparkling, fruity fragrance full of life, Suki personifies the exuberant heart of the new Eau de Toilette, which is like an explosion of flowers and colour in just one spritz. There’s pink peony and plum blossom, yuzu flowers and blackcurrants, vanilla and musk. Basically, it’s happiness bottled, “or a rainbow garden,” as perfumer Marie Salamagne describes it.


In an exclusive interview with GRAZIA, the beautiful face of Amo Ferragamo Flowerful talks tweezers, tea and what Sunday mornings smell like.

What is your first scent memory?
Probably my great grandmother, she had really cool old bottles and I’d love to play with them. She has a beautiful old wooden dressing table with loads of bottles and she always looked so glamorous.

What is your favourite scent and why?
Light floral smells. Lemons, jasmine, orange!

Amo Ferragamo Flowerful is all about flower power. In the 60s and 70s, “flower power” was a kind of passive resistance against war. Do you think this means we need a little flower power today and why?
I think the time scope is somewhat redundant, though I see so much positive resistance and strength in people today. we are dealing with so much polarity and division and it can feel very confusing in our search for truth, but the way we are now deconstructing things is completely necessary and within the chaos we are moving to a new level of consciousness and hopefully more collective certainty.

Flowerful’s nose imagined a rainbow garden full of sparkling and blooming flowers when creating the scent. Do you have a favourite secret garden, and where?
It’s not too secret, but lake shrine in Los Angeles. My roof in London, even though it doesn’t have any flowers. It’s right by the train line and you sometimes can catch people’s eyes going to work. My friend got fired once because his boss saw him slacking off on my roof!

What is your favourite flower and why?
The sunflower, probably because I got to grow my own and talk to it when I was a kid. One day it was cut up, which we are sure was my sister Immy but to this day she denies it!

The gift of giving flowers is very sentimental. When / who do you send flowers? And when do you like to receive them?
I like to give them when someone’s got engaged, or something great has happened. I think if someone sends flowers as an apology it’s hard to not forgive them!

Why do you think giving flowers is such a special moment? What does it represent to you?
They represent an unknown narrative of life to them. I think they can see, smell and feel. There’s an opportunity and a likeliness between us.

What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?

What are you working on at the moment, and what does the future look like for Suki?
I have some film work coming up, and I’ve started playing gigs this year. I have one next week, I can’t wait!

Nowadays, do you think it’s important for us to stop and smell the roses? And why?
I think self consciousness, indulging in the ego, isn’t the way to go if you want to push the boundaries of the unknown. So yes, stop and smell the roses…and don’t take a picture of it!

What does…
• Love smell like?
Love smells like your loved ones. It smells like that smell when you get up close to someone, the back of there neck when you hug them.

• Your mother?
My mum smells like kindness. And chocolate and cups of tea. Cereal too, she loves a late night bowl.

• Happiness?
Happiness smells like a summer’s day in London, the streets filled with a yellow sunshine and a bunch of jolly Londoners, a rare sight.

• Friendship?
Like grapes! Sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. The inside of a Pret A Manger and a coffee, sharing a brownie.

• Your home?
Sandalwood. Logs burning and wet dogs. Occasionally a left over takeaway, oops!

• Sunday mornings smell like?
Portobello market. A dusty record being pulled out.

• You?
It’s hard to know what you smell like! I think right now I smell like clothes that have been worn non-stop for weeks. Not in a bad way, I have been washing! Everything’s a bit creased though.

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