“The Roman period is within Fendi’s DNA,” Silvia Venturini Fendi tells GRAZIA’s Fashion Director Aileen Marr. They are sitting within the palatial walls of Palazzo Fendi, a five-storey edifice facing the famed via Condotti and Spanish Steps in Rome, as the Creative Director explains why the Eternal city is so integral to the House’s new timepieces. “The historical elements that surround Rome – from the Saints and Gods to the architectural churches, and Colosseum – are all part of Fendi’s DNA. Fendi was founded in Rome in 1925 and our headquarters are based here,” she continues.

It’s clear then why Fendi’s new watch collection bears the stamp of the city, the materials employed in their masterful construction in fact referencing their birthplace. “Stones are very Roman, particularly natural stones like Marble, which we see everywhere in Rome from the Palaces to the Churches,” explains Fendi. “Precious stones like Eye of Tiger and Malachite were a highlighted feature in this watch collection. The distinct lines running through Malachite are like the patterns of life.”

Along with these very Roman materials, precious stones such as diamonds and mother-of-pearl come together to make up the Forever Fendi Watch Collection, a range of contemporary yet sophisticated timepieces to have and hold for an eternity. Capturing Fendi’s very essence, the impeccable timepieces draw inspiration from the Roman Maison’s signature, with Forever Fendi representing a tribute to the Fendi’s heritage thanks to the iconic interlocking FF logo shaped central links on the bracelet. “The vision was to make watches link more to fashion,” notes Fendi. “Fendi is about keeping the Woman in mind; her individuality, her personal style, the Fendi timepieces are dialled to a woman’s personal taste. Whereas in the ’80s, it was more about licenses – getting the brand attached to products for awareness. Today, Fendi is designed for the same woman who buys the bag, will also buy the watch.”


Distinguished by a contrasting interplay of finishes and colours, the bracelet stars in the overall design, while the watch’s dial is enhanced with iridescent mother-of-pearl, genuine stones or polished lacquer to catch the light. Flowing naturally around the wrist, the Forever Fendi timepiece reflects Fendi’s passion for high quality materials together with daring experimentation, culminating in both a keepsake and sartorial statement which can be customised.


As for what sets Fendi’s timepieces apart from other fashion houses, it all comes down to a deftly crafted Dress Watch with a high fashion spin. “This particular collection features the Dress Watch, a valued piece worn perhaps for nostalgic or sentimental moments – like a family heirloom – as opposed to being worn for its intricate technology of the watch’s mechanism,” adds Fendi. “Crafted with artisanal creativity, the dial of the stones and the style of strap are all very considered with fashion in mind.”

The Forever Fendi Watch Collection launched in September and is available for purchase at FENDI boutiques nationally.