“Using an eyelash curler makes you look awake and alive,” Patrick Ta tells me proudly.

It’s necessary advice, considering we’re on the backend of a seemingly never-ending week (sound the Aperol). Yes, Friday calls for some beauty enlightenment, and with weary eyes we look to Patrick Ta, the creator of such faces as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande and Rosie Huntington-Whitley for our weekend beauty counsel.

For Ta, curling your eyelashes is a non-negotiable, and his current favourite is Shiseido – an eyelash curler with warranted cult status.

Once you’ve curled, mascara is the next step to stayin’ alive (when you’re not). But interestingly, Ta favours the waterproof variety. “I love waterproof mascara because I feel like it doesn’t smudge.” Budge-proof mascara is very important, but according to Ta, so is brush size. “It’s always about the brush, you want a brush that can really dig into the root of your eyelash.”

Once you’ve wiggled your magic on the top lash, the bottom too needs some action. A great eye-opener, bottom lashes render youthful, doll-like vibes, opening the eye with a fan effect. “For the small baby eyelashes on the bottom, you can use the comb. I like to do one side first and then I’ll do the other side, that way it can set and dry a little bit, and then I’ll go back.”

And if you want to go the extra beauty mile, add falsies – the go-to trick in Tinseltown. But Ta always preps the lash with a lick of mascara before any fake lash application. “If my clients want to wear fake eyelashes, I always apply mascara before, because they go nice and twinkly and fluffy.”

Eyes wide open? Go forth with curler and waterproof wand in hand.