It is true what they say; Italy is the fashion capital of the world. So when the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, Disaronno, paired with denim mogul Diesel for a limited-edition bottle run, it immediately caught the eyes of style enthusiasts. Fusing the edgy street sensibilities of the global label with the Mediterranean heritage of Diasronno, the collaborative effort is now in its seventh season to celebrate the country’s unwavering focus on creativity and originality.

Aptly titled ‘Disaronno Wears Diesel’, the recognisable silhouette of the amaretto bottle has been updated, wrapped in the signature pattern of the denim label.  In addition to the well-known bottle, two different Miniature Gift Packs have been made available, each one consisting of three mini bottles with six coveted shades. Through this project, Disaronno supports the OTB Foundation, Diesel’s parent company’s philanthropic arm, fully embracing its motto of “Brave Actions for a Better World.” In Italy and at a global level, the Foundation is involved in social initiatives focusing on three principles: sustainability, innovation and direct social impact. To accompany the updated design, the team at Disaronno have conceived a timeless cocktail recipe.

Combining the sweet liqueur of Disaronno, smooth body of Jamaican Rum overproof and citrusy punches of lime and passion fruit, the cocktail lends a sense of elegance and modernity commonly associated with the historic liqueur – an ode to its versatility. Finished with mint and raspberry, the refreshing aftertaste pays homage to the unique designs of Diesel.

disaronno wears diesel cocktail

50ml Disaronno
20ml Jamaica Rum overproof
30ml Lime Juice
20ml Passion Fruit syrup
8 Mint leaves
Crushed ice
Garnish with mint sprig and raspberry

Drink responsibly.