When buying pre-lover designer online, there’s always a certain level of doubt that arises. Is that vintage Louis Vuitton Trocadéro crossbody bag actually “vintage”? Is it Louis Vuitton at all?! According to a new survey, there’s a good chance it’s not.

In the new study commissioned by luxury fashion re-sale site, vestiairecollective.com, nearly 50% of Australian women are fooled into buying designer fake. It’s an alarming statistic, to say the least. The survey reveals almost half of Australian women are being duped into counterfeit designer fashion, with 73% still unsure on how to tell a genuine item from a fake. But the designer consignment store is on a mission to stop fashion’s frauds.

The online retailer, who is a member of the ‘Charter Against Counterfeiting on the Internet’, is currently leading the global charge to stamp out fakes for good. With infallible authentication processes, Vestiaire Collective employs highly qualified auctioneers, gemmologists and luxury good specialists to ensure all items sold on the site are guaranteed genuine items. So basically, you know what you’re getting is the real deal.

The survey of Australian women who have shopped on luxury re-sale sites also revealed:

  • 20% would not buy a designer item online while 23% would if there was a genuine guarantee for the item purchased
  • 50% didn’t know items were fake until after they bought them
  • Handbags and sunglasses are the most purchased counterfeit items
  • 63% have been fooled into purchasing fake designer items more than once

Passionate about educating consumers to feel more empowered when shopping for luxury items online, Vestiaire Collective not only pledges to fight the fakes but also give great advice to those in the market for some pre-loved designer fashion.

Here, Head of Authentication & Quality Control at Vestiaire Collective, Victoire Boyer Chammard, shares her tips on how to avoid buying a fake, so you can feel confident next time you add to cart.

  • Leather should feel like leather, take time to feel and even smell it
  • Take a good look at the stitching, uneven or slanted stiching is a sign of a poorly made item
  • Look for a serial number and ask to see proof of purchase if you’re buying online