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Personal styles aside, it’s probably safe to argue that the one area all women are OK with bulking up is their crowning glory. But if you weren’t born with Selena-style volume (and TBH, neither was she) simply achieving AM-appropriate volume that lasts past lunchtime can be an impossible task. We asked Justin McLachlan and Nathan Armagnacq, both Master Stylists at Oscar Oscar salons, for some simple, stealth moves to bounce naturally fine hair, visibly thicken lengths lift limp roots.

Cut is king The wrong haircut won’t do naturally fine hair any favours, and those all-one-length looks getting copious airtime on Instagram, are a top culprit. Why? Soft layers encourage movement. “Too many layers can create a mullet effect on finer, longer hair though, so make sure your stylist has a lot of experience cutting fine hair,” warns McLachlan.

Loose your length “Long hair is all well and good but only if you’ve got the hair quality to compliment the style,” says McLachlan. “Taking some length off is an easy shortcut to making hair feel less lanky and stringy.” Consider a choppy bob or graduated lob, which can be easily tonged and tousled to cheat the look of more hair. 

Your part plays a part “Middle parts are not a friend to fine hair, instead maximise volume by going against the grain and flipping your hair on the opposite to where it naturally settles” says McLachlan. Boost volume even more by blasting your roots with a blow-dryer first before flipping over.

Consider your colour Don’t be afraid of colouring your hair. “Highlights add dimensions of colour making it appear thicker, while also swelling and roughing up the cuticle for added texture,” explains Armagnacq. “Lately in the salon I’ve been using the strobing technique of applying dark and light colours side by side, giving the illusion of fullness and body.”

Start in the shower Invest in a volumising shampoo and conditioner. “They’re designed to rough up the cuticle for more volume and less slip,” explains McLachlan. Avoid limp roots by only conditioning what you can fit into a ponytail.

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Cocktail your products Team a mousse and a volumising spray for the ultimate root-to-tip lift. Concerned about crunch? “Volumising products are designed with heat styling in mind so it’s important to blow-dry them in thoroughly to avoid clumps,” warns McLachlan. On dry or day-after hair, go in with powder-based products such as dry shampoos and touch-up sprays, which won’t clump or weigh the hair down.

Application is everything “Creating body and fullness in fine hair is about building structure so its essential to make sure the product is applied evenly,” explains McLachlan who suggests starting in sections from the nape of your neck. “To provide the strongest structure for volume and fullness, apply your product in towel-dried hair and comb through for the most even distribution. Then blow dry in.”

Flip it good For volume that will stay until your next shampoo, get good at blow-drying. “Ceramic brushes are the modern day equivalent of hot rollers, use one to pull your hair out at a 90 degree angle and roll it under to cool and set,” says McLachlan. A bit tricksy? The classic flip-your-head-upside-down blow-dry trick will still totally do the job.


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Make waves
It’s simple really; waves create more space between the hairs and therefor more volume. “Waves are the best possible fakery for cheating your way to lush volume,” says McLachlan. “If you do want to rock a straighter look, keep the roots volumised, the ends a little textured and stay away from heavy straightening balms.”


Watch your hands Roughing your hair up manually gives an instant rock-and-roll tousle, but watch how you handle it. Rather than mussing it up from the outside – which will simply mess up the outer layer – run your fingers underneath and up, to boost from within.