In a frenetic world where celebrities are defined by their last social posts, it’s hard to really know who somebody is beyond the image they choose for us to see. Shooting Calvin Klein’s latest campaign – a dalliance of truths told in underwear – model and reality star Kendall Jenner says despite what we may see, she’s actually quite introverted. Other surprising truths? “I’m a crazy hard worker. I’m a self-care junkie, I’m a control freak,” she says. Titled “I Speak My Truth In #MyCalvins”, the campaign celebrates self-expression, an apt tie-in to an outspoken brand who, through a hashtag, invites others to tell their own truths. Yes, while we choose the images we place on our socials, to really know someone is to hear their stories. And in this instance, the truth – as they say – will set us all free. GRAZIA caught five minutes with Jenner on set to discuss this very notion.

GRAZIA: You declared your truth in the latest #MYCALVINS campaign – what was the on-set experience like for you? Difficult? Nerve-wracking? Easy? Fun?

KENDALL JENNER: “I always enjoy myself on CK sets, but this one definitely felt more personal and intimate. The concept centres around people really thinking they know me because I live such a magnified life, but at the end of the day, people only see what I want them to see. We shot in this massive sound stage that was all blacked out with me in the middle surrounded by phones.”

GRAZIA: How does wearing Calvin Klein make you feel?

KJ: “Wearing CK usually makes me feel sexy, confident and at ease, all the pieces are so American and iconic. I always looked at CALVIN KLEIN as the coolest brand when I was young so it feels really special to keep coming back to shoot with them.”

GRAZIA: How did you prepare yourself for the shoot?

KJ: “I feel really comfortable on CK sets, it’s like being with family! Every time I get to work with different creatives I get inspired. Both [renowned photographer] Mario Sorrenti and [acclaimed director] Jonas Lindstroem brought such different, exciting attitudes and perspectives to my sets.”

GRAZIA: What is one thing your fans do not know about you?

KJ: “As much as I’ve lived my life in a public way, I’m actually pretty introverted. I’m most relaxed and myself when the cameras are off and I’m with my closest friends and family.”

GRAZIA: Describe your personal style.

KJ: “My own style is based around whatever makes me feel stylish and comfy at the same time. I love wearing jeans and t-shirt, like I have on now, and I’d live every day in denim-on-denim if I could. I also love to mix a statement piece like a fun heel, or leather jacket that I can easily throw on and goes with everything.”