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Amongst a palatial wreckage, in hosiery and lace underwear, a lovelorn Eves Karydas returns. Two years since she brought us TV and Electrical, the 23-year-old is back; wiser, wordier and well-travelled. Formerly known as Eves The Behavior, Karydas has premiered her new single There For You, the mesmerising result of having moved halfway across the globe and her attempts to integrate into already insular city circles. But she found someone who stuck and in a sound much more mature and sensual than her past offerings, Karydas explores this relationship.

“In many ways, There For You is my love letter to my life abroad,” says Karydas. “I was trying to form relationships as a new person in a foreign city away from friends and family, and yet everyone I met was already so deeply ingrained in their own lives and circles. It was so challenging. But I met the right person and suddenly that challenge was worth fighting for.”

The video was shot in an abandoned mansion in Los Angeles and its creative director Clare Gillen was at the helm (her resume includes work with Haim and Blood Orange). “Clare really understood the unguarded nature of it and that the video had to be equally stripped back,” says Karydas. “She knew how to capture my weirdness and my look and we established this weird mix of old meets new meets doe-eyed meets sensual.”

Once influenced by philosopher Alain de Botton, heroine Joan of Arc and journalist and novelist Joan Didion, we see Eves coming into her own; stronger in her sense of self, more sure of her mix of pop sensibilities and studio experimentation… and even more strikingly beautiful than before. Click play on the below.

There For You is OUT NOW via Dew Process / Universal Music Australia