Remember when Posh Spice cut her hair into a stacked, longer-at-the-front, heavy-at-the-back bob? It was iconic, in every sense. So iconic, in fact, it engendered its own term, ‘the Pob’, and women the world over began asking for this new, loftier take on the lob.

Now, the Posh Spice lob has been cast anew, with Victoria Beckham’s mini getting a near-identical haircut. Yes, Harper Seven Beckham – arguably the chicest seven-year-old around – has a new haircut, and it’s the same lob as her Mama.

Beckham posted a series of photos on Instagram detailing Harper’s new haircut, captioning the images: “Hair cut for our baby girl x kisses from Harper x #howchic”. Chic, indeed. A little bit of hair history repeating, the new chop was an ode to her mum’s former-self – the super serious, much curvier and very posh, Posh Spice – with her hair falling long around the face and shorter at the back. The angled bob was the pièce de résistance to an all-round stylish affair. Posing somewhere in the glorious bucolic countryside, Harper wore a billowing white button-up, sleek equestrian slacks and black riding boots, cane in hand – you know, as all seven-year-olds do.

Cute yet refined, Harper’s new ‘do is another bob in the long-list of celebrity chops. And whilst Victoria seems smugly pleased, David may be thinking otherwise. In July, Papa Beckham posted a photo to Instagram cutting Harper’s then-Rapunzel locks with the caption: “Someone’s happy 😃 & someone’s not so happy ✂️ but I didn’t think it was possible for this little one to look anymore beautiful but ♥️”, accompanied by a real-life sad face.

With or without Beckham’s blessings, we think she looks damn adorable. Is it weird to take hair inspo from a seven-year-old?