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To paraphase Mariah Carey, the elusive chanteuse, the new Apple iOS10.0.1 update has us feeling emoji higher than the heavens above, thanks to a much-needed injection of realism – and I’m not just talking about the increased shading and ‘Pixar-like’ details.

Per Emojipedia, this release (iOS10) contains a total of 37 new emojis, with 632 updates added to your preferred keyboard in total, including completely new symbols as well as design overhauls for those universal hieroglyphs you know and love.

In light of developments announced in July this year, this includes, most significantly, 17 new gender diverse options for career and activity-based emojis with female police officers, construction works, runners, swimmers and surfers offered for the first time. As with all other emoji, each new addition supports the five additional skin tones enabling even greater representation.
Credit: Emojipedia

The update also supports a further 10 new family combinations to accommodate single parents, which along with ‘woman with hijab’, interracial couples and families and ‘dab’ was one of the year’s most requested new combinations.
Credit: Emojipedia

Also included in the update is a pride flag, which is sure to get a work out locally over the next six months, though there is still no emoji for the Aboriginal flag. Evidently of greater concern to the Unicode Technical Committee, the governing emoji body, is that the ‘woman with bunny ears’ receives her fourth update in five years and now comes with a gender inverted option.

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Credit: Emojipedia