Backstage at Mulholland’s Resort 2017 runway show
Credit: Instagram @emmamulholland

There’s nothing prim nor proper about fashion designer Emma Mulholland‘s lastest twinset creation. The Sydney-based creative best known for her signature pink hair and wildly fun prints has been tapped to wrap a new Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe in the same fabric as key pieces from her Resort 2017 runway collection.

This new model Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe had the Mulholland touch

The widly eye-catching creation is part of a collaboration with the inaugural MADE Sydney festival, a three-day celebration of the the skate, sun and music-based scenes that heavily influence the city’s signature fashion style. Mulholland, whose designs have been worn by Kimbra, MIA and Grimes, offered a fun and youthful aesthetic to what is a seriously swanky vehicle Where else are you likely to see a hot pink printed elite car this side of Vegas?

“This one seemed the most appropriate for Sydney,” she said of the particular print she plucked from her Resort 2017 line, which featured a dress, pants, shirt, skirt, shorts, one-piece and even bikini in the cheeky pink Astro Surfer motif. “It’s inspired by the B-52’s so it’s got some great cosmic surfy aspects.” (Truth is, it’s a design you’re more likely to see on a Combi or surfer’s van than a shiny new Merc, which makes it all the more radical.)

Emma Mulholland
Credit: Instagram @emmamulholland

Given it’s the understatement of one-off, Mulholland’s come up with another idea that lets festival guests take home a momento of her design skills. She’s created a short-sleeved, black, unisex T-shirt that’s available only at her store in the event on Sunday November 13. “The [tee’s] artwork is something I did with one of my graphic designers.

“My new collection is inspired by superstition and haunted houses, so we thought a ‘Scaredy Cat’ would be right on the money.”

The limited edition Emma Mulholland shirt available only at MADE Sydney
Credit: Instagram @emmamulholland

Was it a conscious decision for her to make it gender neutral? “I think I did a lot for the girls in [my] Resort [collection] and I often guys complaining there isn’t as much for them as usual, so tried to do something for both for this event.”

As for her one-of-a-kind pimped-out ride, Mulholland’s quick to answer the question of who gets to keep it post festival: “I wish!”. And who could blame her?

MADE Sydney presented by Mercedes-Benz will be held at Sydney’s Carriageworks November 11-13. BOOK NOW