When you’re talking summer beauty and beach bodies, Australian girls have a homeland advantage and none more so than Elyse Knowles. The stunning model’s outdoorsy, sun-seeker MO isn’t a facade either. Just one flick through her Instagram feed and you’ll find an amalgamation of selfies from photo-shoot at various tropical locations, flanking action shots of the every kind of sweat-session you could image – from boxing and skiing to hang gliding and motor cross.

Bringing her laid-back, sun-kissed signature and glowing limbs to Jo Mercer’s brand new Spring/Summer 2016 campaign, Knowles has that bronzed beach-to-bar vibe, down pat. We caught up with her between takes for her hot-weather beauty plan and to ask just how she gets herself top-to-toe ready for a photo-shoot.

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Credit: Instagram @elyseknowlzy
What’s your go-to summer beauty philosophy?
Fresh and light all the way. Contour the cheek bones and highlight away, making the skin vibrant! One of my favourite things is to fill in my eye brows. Big brows are my favourite. ulta3 have this awesome light clear eye brow gel. In summer I like to keep the skin quite dewy so I use products that are cream based.

How do you get your skin ready for a summer shoot?
My skin can get quite dry and irritated after being on set all day with with a full face of make-up. To prep for a shoot I’ll use Medik8 and UltraCeuticals to hydrate the skin and eat super clean, but diet plays a part too so I have no proceed sugar and minimal natural sugars which I find helps avoid breakouts.

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Elyse on-set with Jo Mercer in Los Angeles
Credit: Instagram @elyseknowlzy

Is there one beauty product you swear by?
I know everyone says this, but coconut oil really is the best natural cure for both hair and skin. I always make sure I coat my hair in coconut oil two nights before a big shoot. I sleep in it and then wash it out thoroughly. I say two nights before just in case you don’t wash it out properly you have time to wash it out again. The hairdresser on the shoot wont be happy if you rock up with oily hair!Screen Shot 20160825 at 114906 AM
Credit: Instagram @elyseknowlzy

Blonde hair and the beach don’t exactly mix. How do you keep your’s looking so fresh?

I am quite lucky that my hair is naturally mousey blonde, so I don’t need to colour to too it often. I do however struggle to make it grow, as it goes through a lot of torture on shoots! I apply Eleven Australia’s “Miracle Hair Treatment ” to the ends of my hair to hydrate and protect when I know my hair is feeling dry or I know that its going to cop all of hot curlers or straighteners on a shoot. I also swear by Olaplex)

What are your top beach hair tricks?
The best beach wave comes from salt water from the ocean!! You can’t get a better sea salt spray than that. If I’m at home I would curl my hair the night before, then sleep on it. It creates the best dropped out curls with bed/ beach texture.

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Credit: Instagram @elyseknowlzy

How do you prep your body before a big shoot, like your campaign with Jo Mercer?

Train train Train! Everybody has different techniques for their own body, but my body needs to work out twice a day. I mix it up between cardio, weights and muscle strengthening like pilates or barre. Also, my dog Isla keep me active having to take her for a walk everyday!

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Credit: Instagram @jomercershoes

Is there anything you avoid before a big summer shoot?
I avoid sugar. Although this is the toughest thing for me. I train the mind to want other types of sugar like dates. Lots of fresh vibrant foods are important. Veggies, fish, salad, chicken , smoothies, and healthy treats like date balls or fresh berries.