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More at home in bare feet, running around Byron Bay’s hinterland than wearing heels and attending movie premieres, Elsa Pataky is everything you could expect from the wife of Chris Hemsworth. Free-spirited with a down-to-earth edge that sees her easily slide into a new way of life living in Australia, the Spanish model/actress has quickly become our newest beauty style crush. 

The embodiment of natural beauty, it’s only fitting that Pataky has been tapped as the local ambassador for Botanicals Fresh Care – a new haircare range by L’Oréal Paris. Featuring sustainably grown and extracted botanical ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging, the brand feels Pataky “perfectly embodies the Botanicals ethos”. 

With Pataky in Sydney yesterday for the media launch of the range, the Fast and the Furious actress chatted about the new role and finding zen between all the madness…

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Image credit: La Tessa Photography
What is it about the brand that made you want to get involved? I don’t like to sell things I don’t like – it’s not my thing. When L’Oréal told me about the product, I really wanted to try it. And I love the Botanicals! I love the smell – the scents that they have. I also like their values, they’re organic and recyclable – all those things that are important to me. 

Do you think it’s essential for brands to focus on nature for their products? I think it’s great that companies are focusing on this and it’s important to teach my kids to respect that too. I’ve been using the products on my kids and they love the smell! Because it’s all natural, it is great for the kids too. 

Talking about your kids… with three children plus work commitments – you must have a pretty hectic lifestyle. How do you find time for yourself? You just have to find those moments. Being a mum, you’re sometimes like “Please, I need some time!” Usually in those moments I’ll go have a shower or a bath, but it’ll be exactly at that moment that I’m having a nice warm shower with the shampoo in my hair that you have to be like “Please can I have some time off!” I think it’s important to have those moments in the bathtub or the shower. You should always have me time, and all the mums should have those beauty moments. They’re very important.

Can you give any advice on how to introduce zen into your life? I do think taking time for yourself is very important, but also to enjoy the most of being a mum. I want to 100 per cent feel like a mum and be with my kids. 

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Image credit: La Tessa Photography