Elsa Hosk Skincare Routine
Image credit: Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is a woman of many talents; She’s a supermodel, has a killer eye when it comes to interior styling and also knows her way around a 10/10 skincare routine. The Sweden-native admittedly struggles with breakout-prone skin, so when it comes to the products she uses she doesn’t stuff around. On an IGTV video, Hosk shared her current 14-step routine, including a lot of celebrity-favourite Dr. Barbara Sturm products, and one $700 eye cream. Overall, it’s quite gentle and hydrating with a few blemish-prevention tricks thrown in for good measure.

Read (and shop) Hosk’s entire routine below. 

Step One: Slip SILK SCRUNCHIE – “I like these because they’re damage-free, snag-free and really easy.” 

Step Two: I wash my hands for at least 20 seconds. 

Step Three: Dr. Barbara Sturm ENZYME CLEANSER – “My absolute favourite cleanser… it’s really good if you have acne-prone skin. If I’m wearing a lot of makeup, I’ll do this twice.”

STEP FOUR: Take a wet towel and remove the cleanser. 

STEP FIVE: Dr. Barbara Sturm CLARIFYING MASK (once a week) – “This gets all of the small, little breakouts out of my skin. You can use it once a week. Don’t remove it with water – just kind of rub it off gently with your hands.”

Step Six: Dr. Barbara sturm SUPER ANTI-AGING SERUM – “Three little squirts and I apply this everywhere, including my neck.”  

Step Seven: Teresa Tarmey GOLD FACE MASSAGE TOOL – “This is for when you wakeup like today, when I’m really puffy. It pushes the water away from the face.” 

Step Eight: Revie INTENSIF COMPLETE ANTI-AGIENG SERUM – “This one smells so good.” 

Step Nine: MZ Skin TONE AND LIFT GERMANIUM CONTOURING FACIAL ROLLER – “This one is more fun… I use it for a long time, depending on how swollen I am in the morning.” 

Step Ten: Summer Fridays JET LAG MASK as a moisturiser – “This is a mask but I use it s a moisturiser. A little goes a long way because it’s quite thick.” 

Step Eleven: Sarah Chapman OVERNIGHT LIP CONCENTRATE – I use this all day everyday, not just when I go to bed. 

Step Twelve: Retrouve REVITLIZING EYE CONCENTRATE – “This is quite expensive but what they claim is that they did some sort of cell innovation… something the penetrates the skin to really give you that hydration. Once it’s absorbed, my makeup just applies so flawlessly.”

Step Thirteen: Dr. Barbara Sturm SUN DROPS – “This doesn’t doesn’t break me out. It just feels like a moisturiser. The sun is really not good for your skin, so it’s am important step.”

Step Fourteen: Dr. Barbara Sturm CLARIFYING SPOT TREATMENT – “I really don’t have perfect skin. I struggle a lot with pimples, I just have gotten really good at covering them up! This acts as a cover up and treatment in one. It really heals my breakouts and prevents new ones from forming.” 

Watch the vide below: