Dyson for Roberto Cavalli FW2019. Image credit: Getty

Dyson have just announced the highly anticipated launch of its third beauty-adjacent product: The Corrale straightener. Following from the runaway success of the Supersonic Hairdryer and the Airwrap, the Corrale has all the traditional hair straightener elements (plates, heat, etc) but with the addition of incredible technology and innovative features the business is known for.

Having tried it myself (only once but still) I can confirm it’s got that sturdy, ergonomic feel that all other Dyson products do. It can be used cordless, making it ace for anyone who works out in their lunch break, travels a lot or feels personally vicitimsed by high humidity. The lithium battery takes 70 minutes to recharge, and works to consistently measure even heat output (one hundred times per second, to be exact), so the risk of over-styling or burning the hair is minimal. The Corrale also features flexible manganese copper alloy plates (a world first), engineered to shape and gather the hair for faster, more consistent results (and eliminates the need to repeatedly go over a section of hair). My experience was second to none – one run over left it straight, smooth and supremely shiny. No repeatedly straightening and over-processing my fine hair. It’s got three lower than normal heat settings – Most hair types will find the lowest setting suitable, but thick, case or coiled textures will have great results using the higher temperature. The shape of the wand is great too – I used it to add a gentle bend around my face (and like most straighteners, it works a treat when it comes to building out loose waves and curls).

The Corrale a big launch as far as beauty is concerned. Dyson, while ultimately a tech company, was better known for its vacuum cleaners when it launched the Supersonic Hairdryer back in 2016. It was divisive – some thought the price was insane (it now retails for $499), but it’s cemented itself a a firm favourite as far as hair tools go, across both industry professionals and consumers alike. The Corrale is priced at $699, a huge jump compared to other options at our disposal, but having tried it once myself, I can see why. Not a purchase to make on a whim, but definitely something to consider if you favour sleek, pin-straight hair. The Dyson Corrale will be available for purchase from April 24 from Dyson.com.au