We should all take notes on sustainable fashion from Nathalie Kelley, the talented Australian actress who plays Cristal Carrington in the Netflix revival of the ‘80s hit drama Dynasty.

Whilst the remake of the show is almost identical to the original – featuring lots of drama, money, impeccable style and fierce characters – but a few iconic changes to the story have been made, including the fact Kelley portrays Mrs Carrington as Latina rather than Caucasian.

The Peruvian-born beauty who moved to Sydney at the age of two and attended Sydney Girl’s High School doesn’t just challenge the norm on-screen. She is an IRL champion of sustainable and ethical fashion too. Organic dyes, natural fibres, and small-scale production labels are a fashion favourite of the nature-loving actress.

Nat Kelley (left) wearing Tres Nomad. SHOP now
Credit: Instagram @natkelley

“I don’t like wearing any synthetic fabric or mass-produced clothes,” the actress has said in an interview. “I buy from a lot of local, American designers and people who produce small batches of clothing.”

Kelley is somewhat of an indigo spirit, which you can see from her raw, outdoorsy Instagram pics. She not only surrounds herself with organic gear and environments but also friends who share the same values.

One of her close pals is the creative behind sustainable brand AWAVEAWAKE. “It’s all organically dyed silks, and wearing her clothes is knowing that it’s been made sustainably and ethically,” said the Hollywood star on her love for the label.

The actress accessorising with a sustainable shaggy bag from Brother Vellies. SHOP NOW
Credit: Instagram @natkelley

As a celebrity and on-and-off-screen style icon, Kelley is able to share her earth-loving attitude and the favourite planet-saving brand’s on Instagram to over 600,000 people. Other sustainable brands that regularly enjoy plenty of love on her social platforms include All That Remains, Tres Nomad and Brother Vellies, given she frequently shares snaps to her Instagram featuring the labels and the pieces she wears.

Given her profile, Kelley is not only able to make positive choices when shopping for herself but also teach other fashion lovers how to adopt better and more planet-friendly habits too. According to research, the fashion industry is the second largest environmental polluter in the world, so following in Nathalie Kelley’s footsteps with small changes can make a big impact – no style sacrifice needed.

Kelley wearing All That Remains Is Love. SHOP NOW
Credit: Instagram @natkelley

Nathalie Kelley, pictured with her husband Jordy Burrows wearing her friend’s brand AWAVEAWAKE. SHOP NOW
Credit: Instagram @natkelley