It’s Dua Lipa’s 27th birthday today and if you didn’t already know it, the pop star’s 10-slide Instagram photo shoot dedicated to the matter will no doubt have alerted you.

As all Leos are want to do, Lipa first prepped us for her birthday by posting a chic dump of her current trip away in her native of Albania with friends to alert us all that it’s ‘birthday week’ yesterday (to be fair to her, most Leos begin their crusade at the beginning of their birthday month), wearing a sparkly bra by Marc Jacobs and the designer’s iconic sky-high boots in white.

Mere hours later, she was back with yet another iconic fashion moment, announcing “🦋 27 feels like heaven” in her fashion birthday suit made up of a vintage Dior denim bikini set, the trompe l’oeil jean print bikini, and a matching sarong, both of which are from the house’s Spring 2000 collection and were sourced by Lipa’s stylist Lorenzo Posocco from the vintage shop, My Runway Archive.

Lipa accessorised with knee-high boots, also denim, by Dior, and wore square-framed orange-tinted eyewear. She pulled her long brunette hair back into a tight ponytail, wore silver earrings and statement rings on her fingers.

The previous night, Lipa’s friends surprised her with a flower-adorned birthday cake and sang her ‘Happy Birthday’.