Considering the masking craze is well and truly kicking and our preoccupation with bronzing is steadfast, it comes as great surprise as to why no one had yet thought of the following: a Tan Sheet Mask. Well, the forever-burnished folk at St. Tropez have, and it is glowingly glorious.

Sitting somewhere between a moisture mask and faux tan, the St. Tropez Express Self Tan Face Sheet Mask still gives those sexy Silence-of-The-Lambs-moisture-surging vibes – infused with Hyaluronic Acid – but also leaves you positively tanned. Bouncy and bronzed in one paper-thin hit? But how, you ask? Well it works much like any ordinary sheet mask; after cleansing, simply peel off the gauzy film and apply to face, smoothing all over. Its application however, varies slightly. The trick is to rub excess product (we knew that goop would come in handy one day) into the remaining areas of the face where the mask may have not reached (i.e. foreheads, cheeks, chins because no two people are the same and every mask is), making sure to buff into the hairline and down the neck as to avoid racoon head, aka the two-tone tanning calamity: brown face vs. white neck / forehead. St. Tropez tanning titan Michael Brown reiterates the need to blend, “Once the sheet is applied and smoothed onto face, use excess product left in the pack to smooth over mask and to outer areas of the face – forehead, ears and neck for seamless colour finish and glow.”

But what about us? The snow-white, alabaster gang cry. Are there different sheet masks for different levels of tan? No, there’s just one mighty mask and it all comes down to a matter of time. For the ladies who like a long black, 15 minutes. For the milky latte ladies, 10 minutes. And for those partial to a frothy babycino, all you need is 5 minutes. So be on the clock when it comes to your tan meter. Once peeled and binned, a slight bronze will be apparent. Wait 10 minutes, and a slightly richer colour will appear. You can even go about your daily makeup business as usual – a BB cream here, or concealer there – and you’re good to glow, it won’t disrupt the tanning magic about to unfold.

Genius, huh? Just the antidote to winter skin and colour woes; plump, hydrated and most importantly bronzed. Take that European jet setters. See, we’ve been to St. Tropez also.

St. Tropez Self Tan Express Facial Sheet Mask will be available September from David Jones, Myer, Priceline and leading salons for $13.