blacrobtwittergraziaIn a move that will earn the ire of many, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have opened a Twitter account for their newborn daughter Dream, who’s just two days old.

The @dreamkardashian account – which the bio helpfully notes is “run by parents” – sent its first update to the world on Saturday morning local time, 48 hours after Rob and Blac welcomed their little girl into the world: a photo of the newborn being breastfed with the caption “bonding time with mommy”.

It might seem like an unusual move to some, a shameless attempt to capitalise on their child (Rob also announced his sock company was releasing a kids range on the day of his daughter’s birth). But commercialising their lives has become second nature to the Kardashians, and made them extremely wealthy.

And with Kim Kardashian still to return to the spotlight after her traumatic robbery in Paris, the rest of the family are no doubt trying to pick up the slack.

So far Dream has accumulated almost 5,000 followers, which really isn’t bad at all for someone who’s just two days old.