For La Mer, the sea is their muse, always. Inspired by every ripple, every fold, every rolling wave; the ocean in its vast glory is reflected in everything they do, and no more so than on World Oceans Day.

Each June, the iconic Crème de la Mer has a sea change of sorts. An ode to the ocean, the coveted Crème de la Mer jar becomes a canvas for La Mer’s annual artistic homage to the ocean. This year, mirroring delicate sea fans and sprawling coral in shimmering sea water encircle the Blue Heart Limited-Edition Crème de La Mer. Inside? A rich, luxurious cream to deeply moisturise and hydrate – much like her namesake.

For over a decade, the beauty house has been committed to supporting the protection of ocean habitats through charitable donations, awareness-raising initiatives and supporting ocean conservation projects. To La Mer, the sea is most precious, and to honour and protect the living connection we have to our Earth’s precious seas, the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund was created to support the protection of ocean habitats for generations to come.

This year, the fund supports ocean conservation projects in the Azores, Grenada and the East China Sea. Through conservation efforts and research initiatives, a sustainable future for flourishing seas is on the horizon.

Beauty with a backbone; each year La Mer takes to the shores to beautify our beaches. From beach clean-ups to artificial coral planting, La Mer team members around the world dive in and give their time to marine conservation efforts.

A cause and collector’s crème for those who care as much about the ocean as La Mer, this year’s limited edition commemorative jar of Crème de la Mer has been produced to help raise awareness of La  Mer’s Blue Heart Fund. It’s time to make waves.

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