From left: Sara Mclean, Naomi Currie and Jessica Bailey
CREDIT: Disaronno

From left: Jeff Lack, Nikita Sernack, Maria and Ian Mac Dougall 
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Lana Jevonn

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Ryan Channing

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From Left: Amir Dorojerdi and Jade Tuncdoruk

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Alana Quartly

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It’s a safe bet that any party which requires you toss aside your shoes at the front door is worth venturing out for on a stormy night. Better still if it happens to be aboard one of the most luxurious superyachts to regularly reside on Sydney Harbour. Throw in a little luxurious European sensibility, plus a fashionably “dressed” Italian as the guest of honour, and you have the perfect mix.

Disaronno_Ghost2Party_DLPhotography_271016_0145Disaronno on ice over the Sydney Harbour
Credit: Disaronno

These were all ingredients for a recent cocktail soiree hosted by Italian co-spirits, drinks brand Disaronno and GRAZIA. VIP guests including media influencers and television personalities gathered on board the Ghost 2 for an evening cruise around the harbour, fuelled by Disaronno-based cocktails, mouth-watering canapés and great company.

LEFT: Disaronno sour cocktails  RIGHT: Watermelon and feta canapés
Credit: Disaronno

All was to celebrate the spirit brand’s recent charity collaboration with Italian fashion brand Etro, which has “dressed” a limited edition bottle with its signature paisley print to raise funds for the world’s biggest fashion-centric charity, Fashion 4 Development. Dozens of the brightly-decorated bottles were on display around the boat, as pretty as they are mindful, given F4D supports textile-based work initiatives in developing countries. To learn more about the Disaronno wears Etro initiative, visit Fashion 4 Development

To recreate the Disaronno Sour cocktail served yourself at home, follow this video recipe here