One of the finest Italian imports is most certainly the concept of aperitivo hour. It’s the heart of their cocktail culture; a magic time between drinks and dinner whereby chilled wine or a light spritz comes accompanied with tiny plates of food. Here in Australia, aperitivo hour is like the calling card of summer holidays; a time where works wraps an hour earlier, the sun dips an hour later, and balmy dinners are led with a spirit, some soda and an olive or two (or three).

Spritzing is all well and good, of course, but a fresh tipple is certainly one idea we would never say no to. Introducing the Disaronno Fizz: an impossibly fresh, zesty aperitif that marries the zing of lemon with the saccharine qualities of sweet almond. Add soda, ice and a garnish, and you’re basically in Ravello Bondi. Ah, la dolce vita!

Disaronno Fizz

Ice cubes

50ml Disaronno

Fresh soda

Squeeze of lemon juice

Garnish with a fresh lemon or orange wedge.