According to history books, the renaissance period bore much of the world’s most talked-about art: The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, the statue of David… The ornate and the intricate were everywhere, from sculpture to paintings, clothing to jewels. In line with these maximalist tendencies, elaborate jewellery that housed fine fragrance was created, and thus worn by the upper echelons of society as a symbol of high status. Golden pendants played host to solid perfumes, and tiny, gemstone-encrusted vials were filled with liquid scents. It’s this concept that has inspired Diptyque to dream up the idea of Prêts-à-Parfumer: an experimental way to play with scent in the form of tiny gold brooches, and pretty perfumed stickers.

The brooch comes in the shape of a baby bird that allows a scented disk to slip behind and diffuse through in one of three scents: Do Son (heady and fresh), Eau Rose (floral and whimsy), and Fleur de Peau (musky and feminine). It’s pretty to look at, but packs a sizeable punch scent-wise, too. The sticker is available in two designs from Mecca Cosmetica stores: A swan that smells like L’Ombres Dans L’Eau – a chypre green, fruity smell that’s not dissimilar to the way icy cold streams stoke the hot air in the height of summer. And then there’s a lotus flower-fragranced Do Son – salty tuberose spiked with jasmine, inspired by Indochina’s hot, thick, sweet summer air. The brooch is as simple as pinning to your clothes (or hair, if you’re one for arts and crafts). The sticker is best worn on the wrist, where the warmth will encourage the fragrance to infuse the air around you. Similarly, you can apply to a bare shoulder, or an exposed ankle. The beauty is that when you’re done with it, you can simply peel it off, place it back in its packaging, and reuse up to three times. For the francophiles among us, it’s a clever and incessantly cute way to smell sweet, and look even sweeter.

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Diptyque L’Ombre Dans L’Eau Sticker, $92. SHOP NOW