The year was 1947. Monsieur Dior, softly spoken, as always, requested his in-house nose Paul Vacher to, “Make me a fragrance that smells like love.” And indeed he did. Miss Dior was born, the first fragrance from the House of Dior, a fragrance which would play a defining role in the olfactory discourse of today.

“I created this perfume to clothe every woman in exquisite femininity,” Dior himself had noted. And much like the feeling kindled when wearing his masterful creations of couture, wearing Miss Dior galvanised similar feelings of femininity, and what is was to be a woman.

“From the moment it was created, Miss Dior was the fragrance of love, and a burst of life.”
“This perfume was meant to embody the ideal of what a perfume should be: suggestive, mesmerising and sensual. It should lead to action, to a caress, and to love…” Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy explains. “Extremely elegant, Miss Dior has always been unintentionally attractive and seductive with subtlety. It is quite simply erotic, yet light and witty. Gracefully erotic with gentleness and delicacy.”

Some 70 years later, such a fragrance remains relevant, and as of this week, Miss Dior Eau de Parfum has been reimagined with spirit and a new heart. A floral declaration of love, crafted by Demanchy with rigour, refinement and that ephemeral eroticism he so eloquently alludes to. All the sensual contours remain; the honeyed Rose from Grasse, the seductive Turkish Damascus Rose. But a sparkling burst of citrus cuts through her –Blood Orange, Mandarin and Calabrian Bergamot – perky and fresh, she is vivacious and lively. And of course, what would a Miss be without a hint of sweetness? Pink Peppercorn and Guyanese Rosewood, to be exact.

Whilst the cradle has shifted slightly, Demanchy’s new fragrance is au fait with the Dior dialogue; feminine, French, full-figured. This new Miss, however, has been captured afresh with a sense of youth – a gentle femininity, the type that comes from a Mademoiselle and not a Madame. She is spirited yet soulful, romantic yet wild.

One spritz and you’re ripe for a romantic sojourn. And what exactly do you smell like? Love, of course.


Along with the parfum’s debut, Dior has created a Love Chain, and just as it sounds, it’s a beautifully sentimental affair. A digital chain-link of love, it ties a string of A-listers together in one, protracted viral embrace. Think Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Camille Rowe, Eva Herzigova, Bella Hadid, Johnny Depp, and Robert Pattinson – answering the universal question: and you, what would you do for love? Well, what would you?

The idea is a simple one: film your answer to the question and post it with #diorlovechain from August 27th onwards. Your answer should end with a nomination of your loved ones to continue the Dior Love Chain across the world. And why? It’s not just about enlisting such amorous celebrities with hearts in their eyes and chest, but the initiative runs deeper, it’s grounded in philanthropy. Past the digital hugs and kisses, the Dior Love Chain supports WE Charity.

Following the initiative of Natalie Portman and the House of Dior, for every Dior Love Chain post, one US dollar will be donated to WE Charity, the charity division of We Movement (formerly Free The Children). This Canadian organisation is a global network which supports education, health care, and clean water initiatives in developing countries with the aim to help break the cycle of poverty and child exploitation.

Now present in numerous communities in nine countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, WE Charity currently supports 200,000 children in education programs, has provided 30,000 women with the tools to become financially independent, and provided access to clean drinking water and medical care to almost a million people. Today, the Dior Love Chain and Natalie Portman are committing to a WE Schools initiative in Kenya, which aims to provide education for young girls. Love and scent with a benevolent backbone, Miss Dior is much more than a fragrance.

To celebrate, we posed the question to local Dior Love Chain-ers, Jesinta Franklin, Elle Ferguson and Pia Muehlenbeck, to find out what they really would do for love.

Jesinta Franklin 

Screen Shot 20170904 at 60146 pm

And you, what would you do for love? ANYTHING! Love is the most pure, beautiful expression and something the world needs more of.

Who would be in your own love chain? My husband and all my family and and friends.

The most challenging thing about love? Sacrifice. I’m so passionate and love love so I’m always willing to make sacrifices for those I love.

Your favourite lovers in the world?
There are a lot of relationships I truly admire, but one in particular that stands out to me is Barack and Michelle Obama. They are never afraid to show the world how much they love, respect and admire each other, it’s a true partnership… and their love radiates not only through them but also their children and the philanthropic work they do.

To me, love is… 
What makes the world go round.

Elle Ferguson

Screen Shot 20170901 at 120126 pm

And you, what would you do for love? 
I’d write to government and tell them that everyone deserves LOVE.
Who would be in your own love chain? My mum, sister, grandparents, boyfriend, Tash and my dear friends.
The most challenging thing about love? 
You can’t choose who you love, or how hard or how long for…. Love has no boundaries… actually, love has no rules.
What does love smell like? I think love smells like a smile…does that make sense?
Your favourite lovers in the world?
Hmmm this is a good one… can I say Splash and Tom Hanks? She’s a mermaid… you can’t beat that.
To me, love is… The greatest gift. To love and to be loved in return.

Pia Muehlenbeck

Screen Shot 20170901 at 115414 am

And you, what would you do for love? Well, there’s honestly not much I wouldn’t do for love. I once moved from Queensland to Sydney overnight. I got off the phone, told my family, packed my bags and the next morning I showed up on his doorstep with all my belongings. I’ve never looked back. 
Who would be in your own love chain? My love chain is Kane, my mum, my sister, Tara, my dad, my puppy, Muesli, and my bestie, Brooke. 
The most challenging thing about love? I think when it’s true love, it stops being challenging and just feels unequivocally, effortlessly right. 
What does love smell like? Love smells like fresh linen, brewing coffee, a warm morning breeze and endless snuggles. 
Your favourite lovers in the world? Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.
To me, love is… When the feeling of home is no longer a place, but a person. 

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