Quintessential Aussie high street label Country Road might have gone back to its classic tailored roots with an updated work/play office-wear offering earlier this year, but here’s a little something that will put the spring back into your off-duty summer look.

The brand has launched its second CR.CAPSULE, a limited run of 14 one-off statement pieces. The range centres around green jungle hero imagery printed on high-quality European fabrics that will properly tickle fans of the current maximalist print fashion trend.

For the official campaign, it then enlisted Australian modern artist Dina Broadhurst, who is popular with millennial followers for her fashion- and floral-bent photography and fast-growing Instagram fan-base. The Sydney-based creative, also known for her edgy sense of style, shot Australian model Louise van de Vorst before applying her signature glam collage effect to the images, turning them into layered mini-artworks.


“The work of Slim Aaron’s was an inspiration [for the CR.CAPSULE campaign], looking outwards to where the sky meets the sea,” she told GRAZIA. “We found a location that really showed of the beauty of the Australian lifestyle – natural beauty basking in the open vistas, full of fun and playfulness.

“The artwork applied over the top then enriched the colours of nature and summer brightness further. Then organic shapes of shine and floral, created layers of joy.” The whole creative process – from initial concept to shoot and final artistry – took a month, she adds.

PRINTS MAKE FOR FUN HOLIDAY PACKING BUT WHAT PLACE DO YOU SEE THEM HAVING IN A CHIC WOMAN’S EVERY DAY LOOK? “I think they are fantastic for the modern Australian wardrobe. From cocktails to dinners and parties, a print always adds some fun, personality and sass to an outfit.”

WHAT’S YOUR PERSONAL GO-TO FASHION PRINT RIGHT NOW? “In this collection, definitely the palm print as I just adore the lush greens.”

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE WAY TO MIX MULTIPLE PRINT PIECES IN THE ONE OUTFIT? “I love the same print top and bottom so it’s one complete flow, especially on a relaxed summer pant, meaning the silhouette is lean and long with print top to your toes. It’s so fun, full of energy and confidence.”

The CR.CAPSULE limited edition range is available in-store and online now.

Model and lifestyle blogger Saasha Burns posted this snap of herself in the signature print dress on social media
Credit: Instagram @saasha_burns