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Whether it’s for worse or better, our phones have become a permanent fixture in our hands, and it’s not difficult to see why. Convenience is the new beauty buzzwords, with brands catering to our increasingly busier lives (see: time-saving swipe-n-go stick formulations). Enter stage right: the beauty app. A mix between a personal beauty encyclopaedia in the palm of your hands, to an app that lets you try and buy makeup without leaving the bed, the digital age is coming in front and centre, ready to boost your beauty efficiency, convenience, and know-how. Get amongst it with our five favourite apps to download asap. 

Makeup Genius (free)
When makeup giant L’Oreal Paris launched the first virtual makeup try-on app in 2015 it was a big deal. Allowing consumers to interactively try on looks and products in real time, think of it as the latest and greatest in makeup innovation. DOWNLOAD HERE

Glamazon (free)
Book that last-minute manicure, lunchtime spray tan, or pre-event blow-dry on the go with Glamazon. While it’s currently only available in Sydney and Melbourne, the app means that you can book by your availabilities, and features a curated selection of premium salons. It’s like Uber for all your beauty needs. DOWNLOAD HERE
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Sleep Cycle (free)
This smart app is a must for those that suffer from insomnia and an erratic sleep schedule. Say good bye to your Iphone alarm and wake up when you’re at your lightest sleep phase and feel alert and now drowsy. Plus, the app uses your phone’s inbuilt sensors to track your sleep quality throughout the night so you have visual data of your sleep patterns – perfect if you’re getting over jet lag too. DOWNLOAD HERE

Think dirty (Free)
See how your favourite beauty products rate in terms of ingredient carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and how allergy friendly it is. It’s a go-to shopping companion for those that are conscious about ingredient choice, however it doesn’t rate the ethical and environmental impact of each product. DOWNLOAD HERE

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SunSmart (free)
The must-have app for summer, get clued-in stay sun-safe and find out exactly what level of sun protection you need for the UV level of the day. Features include a Vitamin D tracker for healthy UV exposure, a 7-day weather forecast, and customisable sun protection alerts that tell you to either stay out of the sun, or the level of sun protection required. DOWNLOAD HERE