In the 23 hours since Victoria’s Secret Angel, Taylor Hill posted a picture of her new pixie haircut, captioned: “Short hair don’t care,” the internet has been in a low-key frenzy.

The 20-year old model is as famous for her thick, luscious brunette locks as she is for her enviable eyebrows and runway-ready physique – meaning she was ticking all of the unwritten ‘Angel formula’ boxes before she was even on VS CEO, Ed Razek’s radar.

Nevertheless Hill looked hot – kind of like a girl-next-door-version of Linda Evangelista – and no surprise she has the bone structure to own the look, but essentially the cut came out of nowhere.

On closer inspection though it appears we might have jumped to a couple of conclusions. Firstly Hill captioned her previous post of the chop “Experimenting,” which leads us to believe the leggy brunette was simply playing around with possible looks.

Next, Hill tagged in stylist Elizabeth Sulcer and photographer Russell James, suggesting the chop was for a job and potentially not real life.

This same team were, after all, responsible for Bella Hadid’s faux bob just six weeks ago.

Finally, James himself posted a picture to his own Instagram of Hill on-set, apparent pixie crop in tow captioned:

“Meet our new digital tech@taylor_hill (also part time model). First order of business was a haircut. Thanks Tay and amazing team for another epic day”


At first glance Hill is just casually editing a shot of herself from the shoot, but when you zoom in on the shot (which we did, naturally) you can see a definitely bump on the crown of Hill’s head, plus a flatter, longer area down the back of her head. Two dead giveaways for a wig or stealth hair tuck situation.

Exhibit A: Observe the definite bump on the crown of the head

Exhibit B: Longer, thicker hair on the back of Hill’s head suggests a wig or hair tuck situation

Whether Hill has indeed made the chop or is psyching us all the way to the wig room is yet to be discovered, but if she has she would be in great company. British model Ruth Bell made headlines in April for her buzz cut and fellow VS model Maria Borges made history by walking the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Runway with her “afro natural hair.”

While the investigation is on hold for the moment, we will keep a close eye on our favourite Angel for any looming updates.

Cover Image: Instagram @TaylorHill