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Although Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson maintain their split after 10 years is amicable, when the former deleted every Instagram image of her boyfriend from her feed, that claim was questioned. And now Kruger has spoken for the first time since the break-up saying she is open to dating other people. “No, [I’m not seeing anyone], the 40-year-old told US Weekly. “If you have a suggestion, let me know!”

Only moving to New York City with 38-year-old Jackson in March this year, Kruger also said the key to a successful romance is making time for each other. “People in your life that are important, you always find time.” she said, keeping her answer very poised and generic. “I don’t believe that you are too busy. It has been my experience that if you want to see somebody, you will always make the time.” After four months of working, the actress will be taking a month off to holiday in “possibly Miami” and to “literally do nothing and get fat”. Nevertheless, she will document her vacation on Instagram just like she did for her post-break-up Sri Lanka trip. 

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Credit: Instagram @dianekruger