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If you look hard enough, skincare recommendations are everywhere. Take the Instagram account @deuxmoi. It was brought to my attention via the podcast After Work Drinks and my life is truly better for it. In a nutshell, it’s an unverified but extremely juicy celebrity gossip account where normal folk can send in sightings and stories detailing the lives of those society holds on a pedestal. The informants are anyone and everyone: think former-assistants, hosts at exclusive restaurants, dressers, neighbours and hotel staff.

It’s become a habit of mine to scroll through the account’s stories daily, and while the gossip is A-grade, I’ve also noticed that it’s a great place for celebrity skin intel, namely Jennifer Aniston. To the world, Jen is seemingly a unicorn who doesn’t age (she looks as good – if not better – now at 51 than she did during FRIENDS). But now we’ve got the tea about the inner workings of her skincare and injectable routine.

According to DMs sent to @deuxmoi, Jen is a big fan of French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, and often flies in one of their aestheticians to see her in Los Angeles. Biologique Recherche is the brand behind the iconic P50 – a chemical exfoliant that smells terrible but works like a charm.

She’s also reportedly a fan of Polish aesthetician Joanna Czech (see my interview with Joanna here), who has also spoken out about her love for Biologique products. An appointment Joanna costs a staggering $850, but according to @deuxmoi, big names like Jen get their appointments comped. Nice.

A DM sent into celebrity gossip Instagram account, @deuxmoi
A DM sent into celebrity gossip Instagram account, @deuxmoi

Finally, there was an interesting comment on Botox and fillers – two procedures Jen has been pretty quiet about in the past. According to the account, Jen was a longterm client of Dr. Derek Jones before switching to Hollywood favourite Dr. Lancer. Fillers or not, she looks divine. And to @deuxmoi, keep it comin’.

A DM sent into celebrity gossip Instagram account, @deuxmoi

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