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With winter comes lots of nights spent indoors. And just when it seems like there’s not much more to watch, a new release that promises a world of thrilling twists and belly laughs comes knocking at our door. Introducing Deadloch, the new Prime Video series set to be your new streaming staple.

Created by Australian comedian greats, Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan—known as the Kates—the eight-part series blends humour and commentary to bring us a wickedly entertaining take on the detective show genre.

From the onset, we’re introduced to Senior Sergeant Dulcie Collins (played by Kate Box) as a headstrong, by-the-book cop whose world gets thrown into disarray when a murder occurs in her sleepy town of Deadloch in Hobart, Tasmania. To get to the bottom of seemingly-connected crimes, she’s forced to work alongside Eddie Redcliffe (played by Madeleine Sami), a crude cowboy detective from Darwin, Northern Territory. While the two polar opposites struggle to navigate each other’s differing approaches, as well as the increasingly concerned townsfolk, they find that they’re creeping closer to the danger itself.

Though classic shows like Twin Peaks and Desperate Housewives, and even more modern iterations like Riverdale, have utilised the ‘small-town whodunit’ plot, the town of Deadloch and its colourful characters possess a unique allure. Boasting long, forest-lined roads, isolated homes and frigid beaches, it’s the perfect setting for an ominous series of events. And as anyone that’s grown up in the suburbs will know, small-town curiosity is its own beast—and it makes for plenty of entertainment. When everyone knows everyone, how are they to know who they can really trust? Especially when you throw in an out-of-town cop with a potty mouth and sandals.  

Deadloch Amazon Prime review
Credit: Prime Video

While it may seem like a typical “buddy cop” comedy, Deadloch is unlike others. Between comedic jabs delivered with impeccable timing and the plethora of deeply relatable characters that go far beyond stereotypes, Aussies will be particularly drawn to the richness of references, with IYKYK Australianisms peppered throughout the lively discourse and props—instantly recognisable Kebab wrappers and all.

Upon its initial release, we’ll get the first three episodes of Deadloch, and then a weekly Friday drop from there. Each episode has a run-time of an hour, so we’re sure to see plenty of twists, wrong leads and mysteries within mysteries, with new clues and suspects unearthed at every turn—constantly upping the stakes and keeping the detectives (as well as us) on their toes. 

Amid all the work, characters grapple with fraught personal lives in a way that makes them just as intriguing as the investigation. As Collins struggles to juggle her relationship with her partner Cath (played by Alicia Gardiner), and Redcliffe’s elusive backstory is slowly revealed, we’ll see that, just as with any small town, there’s so much more going on beneath the surface.


Sarah Christie, senior development executive for Amazon Studios Australia, shared her praise over the project, which is the third locally-made scripted drama from the streaming platform. “In Deadloch, The Kates have created a gripping mystery with their signature hilarious—and often biting—comedic tone masterfully weaved throughout.”

“This is the second of three Australian Amazon Original scripted series Prime Video are releasing this year, and we are thrilled to be working with Guesswork Television and OK Great Productions, along with a powerhouse creative team led by McCartney and McLennan, to bring this uniquely Australian story to screens around the world.”

Deadloch Amazon Prime series
Credit: Prime Video

McCartney and McLennan echoed with their excitement. “We are both so thrilled to share the dark, strange little town of Deadloch with the world,” they said. “We’re particularly excited for everyone to meet Dulcie and Eddie, performed by the powerhouses Kate Box and Madeleine Sami, who are far better actors than we’ll ever be. The supporting cast is sublime, the crew are a delight, and the experience of making this story with Prime Video globally on the incredible land of lutruwita (Tasmania) is one we’ll never forget.”

​​The series was shot in and around Hobart, Tasmania, last year, with episodes directed by acclaimed Aussie filmmakers Ben Chessell (The Great), Gracie Otto (The Moth Effect), and Beck Cole (Wentworth), with Andy Walker (Rosehaven) producing.

Joining Kate Box, Madeleine Sami, and Alicia Gardiner are a heap of recognisable faces and fresh local talent. Nina Oyama and Tom Ballard play Abby and Sven, respectively, two of Sergeant Collins’ endearingly hopeless colleagues, while Susie Youssef plays the image-conscious Mayor who struggles to keep the town’s hysteria at bay. Pamela Rabe, Leonie Whyman, Kartanya Maynard, Katie Robertson and Naarah also make up the cast of Deadloch inhabitants.

So, how do we watch Deadloch? The series is out on Prime Video now, with the first three episodes ready for streaming, followed by a weekly Friday episode drop from then on.