Dakota Johnson
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Dakota Johnson is gorgeous, talented and hilarious, but even she suffers from anxiety – especially when it comes to singing in front of an audience. In a new interview, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress revealed that she suffered a panic attack on set while preparing for her first singing scene in the upcoming film Our Friend.  

While appearing remotely on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Johnson said that the idea of singing in front of people is “so terrifying” and that when she first tried to shoot the scene, she suffered from stage fright and instead ended up having a panic attack in front of everyone. “That was so scary,” Johnson said. “Singing in front of people is actually so terrifying for me.” 

She continued, “And we had to shoot the scene where you don’t even really see me. The camera’s in the back of… you can’t even really tell what’s going on, and I was meant to be performing in community theatre. And they hit playback of my voice, my vocal recording, and called ‘Action”‘. 

“And it was like I had a panic attack that manifested in all the ways that it does, that it can, so, like, I just took off running. Running, like around the theater, around backstage.  

‘I was running around, and then just started laughing hysterically, and everyone on the crew’s like, ‘What’s she doing?’ Running around, laughing and then just stopped moving and started crying. It was like extreme flight mode.”

During the conversation, Johnson also revealed she lied in her viral Architectural Digest house tour last year. In the video, where she shows the camera crew around her Los Angeles home, Johnson goes into her green kitchen, picks up a lime and declares, “I love limes. Love them.” However, when prompted by Fallon, she revealed that she’s actually allergic to limes and had no idea they’d been put in her kitchen during the set dressing. “It was hard to ignore them,” she said. “So I just lied. I just lied. I went in the full opposite direction.”

During the interview, Johnson wore a robe by Antwerp-based fashion brand BERNADETTE, as well as the large green emerald ring on her left ring finger that fans suspect is an engagement ring to her partner, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. However, for the most part she kept her left hand hidden from view entirely. 

Dakota Johnson
Credit: YouTube

Johnson was first spotted wearing the right new jewellery in mid-December and has since been photographed on multiple occasions with it on. The couple have been together since fall of 2017, before briefly breaking up in June 2019 and getting back together a few months later. Though they haven’t commented on the news publicly – and likey won’t – back in April, sources told People that they are “pretty serious.”

“They are very low-key together,” the source said. “…They seem to enjoy sharing a quiet life. It does seem they are getting more serious.”

Johnson’s also been welcomed into the family by Martin’s ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, who has posted tributes to Johnson online and recently told Harper’s BAZAAR, she absolutely “adores” her. 

“I love her. I can see how it would seem weird because it’s sort of unconventional,” Paltrow said. “But I think, in this case, just having passed through it iteratively, I just adore her. I always start to think of the ampersand sign — what else can you bring in, instead of being resistant to or being made insecure by? There’s so much juice in leaning into something like that.”