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When you type “best serum” into Google, you’re met with 412,000,000 search results. Even for the most proficient skincare expert, that it A LOT – so it’s no secret that for the regular consumer, skincare shopping is a wildly confusing process. It’s this frustration, coupled with advanced in technology, that have led to a rise in bespoke skincare brands, where products are formulated specifically for your skin. Not only does it take the guesswork out, but it potentially saves you $$$, and might just give you the healthiest complexion you’ve ever had.

So here we’re rounding up some of the best new services available, from digital prescription options to immediate, in-salon offerings.

The Secret

Founded by Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, The Secret is a made-to-order prescription skincare service designed to treat even the most challenging of skincare concerns (think melasma and cystic acne). The process is simple – you complete an online consult and your products are then formulated with ingredients geared towards your concerns. The brand is anchored on its three-step “set”, containing a night cream, day cream and eye serum. But they do offer more, including a just-launched Pink Edition Serum whereby $10 from each purchase goes to Miracle Babies Foundation.

Skinceuticals Custom D.O.S.E

Skinceuticals is a brand revered for its results-driven, science-backed formulations, so its brand-new custom product offering was met with much excitement when it launched earlier this year. Custom D.O.S.E is available at select skin clinics around Australia, and involves a consult plus digital face mapping to determine areas of concern. Once skin goals are nailed down, your bespoke blend of actives is emulsified into a generic serum or cream base right before your eyes. the result is a powerful formula designed to help you achieve your personal complexion goals.

Qr8 MediSkin

Backed by much-loved skin expert Dr. Michele Squire, Qr8 Mediskin is another customised prescription skincare service changing up the industry. While over the counter skincare products are well and good for most people, some concerns (such as pigmentation and acne) will see more dramatic improvements from prescription-strength formulas. With Qr8 Mediskin, you’ll get one-on-one face time with your allocated doctor, and plenty of support to guide you through the process.


Similar to Qr8 Mediskin, Software is like a digital dermatologist offering where you can chat with experts about your skin goals, and purchase a customised prescription-only serum. Priced at only $44 a month, your personal product recipe will be saved in your digital account, and you can utilise the brand’s subscription service to receive top-ups every three months. If you’re looking for a one-and-done active that will give you results, it’s a great place to start.