I recently took a photo of old Hollywood screen siren, Natasha Kinski, to hairstylist, Anthony Nader, asking him to give me a Kinski cut. The Kinski, much like the Bardot, was a chunky fringe, split down the centre, which flared outwards at the base (with a certain Carol Brady kick nonetheless). As one who lives real-life hair groundhog day –  and has for almost the past 31 years –  this sudden request, and change to my steadfast hair routine was somewhat odd, shocking in fact. But with a serious case of “I’ll have what she’s having,” I demanded the curtain fringe, and Anthony went bang.

Lofty, shaggy and all kinds of glorious – I was Kinski, kind of. But not only Kinski, I was also Kaia Gerber, Alexa Chung, Taylor Hill, J. Lo, Charlee Fraser, Jesinta Franklin, Elyse Taylor –  again, kind of. At last, I was part of the Curtain Club – the latest hairstyle to go bang bang in Hollywood and beyond.

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Credit: Instagram, @kaiagerber
But why a curtain fringe? Why have this slew of glamorous woman opened the curtains? Anthony Nader explains: 

“A curtain fringe is the “safety net” for those that don’t want to take that deep plunge of lopping off your strands, and feeling less confident – dare I say, less sexy as well! 
And that’s just it. It’s for the ladies who want a change but don’t want to forgo the allure of long locks. For the chop-phobes, who want to hit refresh on the hair button but fear the full hack (terrifying, I know). Quite simply, it’s the long-haired girl’s cheat to a cut.

“I personally love carving out this long, sweeping fringe that flutters over the eyelashes – it simply oozes sex appeal and cheekiness and who doesn’t want that! And besides this, the curtain bangs are going to grow out so beautifully and seamlessly, without that painstaking “ugly period” of wondering how on earth to hide it in the interim, because your bangs are just so damn short,” Nader explains. 

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Credit: Instagram, @jesinta_franklin
Below, Nader’s guide to the curtain fringe, before you go bang.


• You want to make sure your new feature (that’s your new bangs, of course) is looking 100% red carpet worthy. So you need to make sure they are super smooth and polished
• On damp hair use a tiny amount of medium-hold, luxe styling mousse as you want to give your bangs some “airiness”, without them looking dry and brittle – the effect a sea salt spray would achieve
• Use a medium-sized, round brush with loads of boar bristles as it takes the pain out of smoothing the roughest of hair strands to look shiny and glam
• Make sure your hairdryer has a narrow nozzle attached on the end, as this narrows down the air flow directly on the target area, to sculpt your curtain fringe 
• If you have a stubborn cowlick (which unfortunately most of us do), when you’re blowing out your bangs, you need to drag / stretch down your sections in the compete opposite direction. By using this method, your curtain bangs will look symmetrical and not like they had an all-nighter…#NotCool

WHO SHOULD cut a curtain
Longer and wider foreheads, this is your green light for making your hair appointment with confidence. The idea here is to narrow the appearance of the width of your forehead. The curtain fringe will be your bestie and get ready to enjoy the new you that your friends will envy.
WHO SHOULDN’T cut a curtain
Unfortunately for those of you who have a tiny forehead, the red stop sign is very bright – sending the message to steer clear of this sweeping curtain. Because your forehead is so narrow, having this fringe will only close in your features even more, which isn’t what you want. 

Alexa Chung, J. Lo, Selena Gomez, Chloe Grace Moretz, Georgia May Jagger, Charlee Fraser.

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