When Jennifer Lopez leans into a trend, that means we’re officially about to see everyone else do the same. Time and time again, the 51-year-old’s proved that she’s a beauty tastemaker. Every time her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, shares a new look of hers on his Instagram feed, fans go wild. Take her latest look, for instance. On Thursday, May 13, the hair expert shared a photo of the Hustlers star embracing the hottest hair trend of 2021: curtain bangs.

Unlike straight-across fringe, this type of look frames the face with a centre part, resembling the vintage hairstyles of the 1970s. “Curtain bangs are great because they can be very commercial for a lot of different hairstyles,” Philip Downing, TIGI Creative & Education Director, tells GRAZIA. “The thing to remember with curtain bangs is that the centre of the fringe will be the shortest, then the fringe gets longer towards the cheekbones, so this means the fringe is soft and versatile.”

But the thing is, curtain bangs aren’t for everyone. If you’re going to get fringe of any kind, it’s crucial to consult your hairstylist to get an expert’s opinion. “There are many types of fringes that can add different benefits to your specific face shape,” Downing says, adding that the same goes for different hair lengths and textures.

Appleton cut Jennifer’s hair in a blunt curtain bang that gently grazes her cheekbone, framing her face. The length of your curtain bang is in the eye of the beholder— consider your face shape and discuss with your stylist where to cut them to be the most flattering. “I think for most face shapes, an optimal target length for this fringe is the bridge of the nose, Dowling notes. “Then the fringe progressively gains length woe adds the cheekbones. This is an overall complimentary length.”

Oh, and keep texture in mind, too. “If your hair is curly, it’s important to remember shrinkage, so it’s a good idea to leave a little longer to allow for that spring in the hair,” Dowling explains. “The kind of products you use matter, as well, as you want a certain texture to blow dry into the bangs. Downing recommends TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray. “It gives a soft texture to help style and give hold to ‘kick away’ from the face,” he says.

The verdict? Curtain bangs aren’t a low-maintenance hairstyle, and so they require a commitment to maintenance, including regular trims. If you thought growing out regular bangs is a nightmare, imagine the emotional exhaustion in growing out curtain bangs. Hairstylist Kathleen Riley tells us, “I would think about if curtain bangs fit your lifestyle. They require styling almost every day to look great, so if styling them or your hair every day doesn’t work for you, I would rethink cutting them.”