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Italian Architect Mario Bellini’s designs have been transforming spaces since the 1960s. Fast forward 60+ years and Bellini’s pieces are being celebrated around the world; sought out by design elitists, and most certainly viewed as timeless pieces of art. If you search Mario Bellini on 1st Dibs you will find original pieces fetch for quite a sum of money, perhaps increasing in value over the years.

A few personal favourites:

Side Table Elements
Soured: 1st Dibs.
Mario Bellini for B&B Italia Side Table Elements ‘Gli Scacchi’
Camaleonda Velvet
Soured: 1st Dibs.
Camaleonda Sofa in Original Fabric by Mario Bellini for C&B Italia, 1970s
Double Console Marble
Soured: 1st Dibs.
21st Century Double Consolle Marble Bathroom Washbasin by Arch.Mario Bellini
Original Brown Leather Camaleonda
Soured: 1st Dibs.
Mario Bellini ‘Camaleonda’ Modular Sofa in Original Brown Leather
Le Bambole 2-Seater Sofa
Sourced: 1st Dibs
Le Bambole 2-Seater Sofa by Mario Bellini, 1970s
Camaleonda Modular Sofa in Orange Velvet
Sourced: 1st Dibs
Mario Bellini “Camaleonda” Modular Sofa for C&B in Orange Velvet, 1970, Set of 3

If you use Instagram, explore Bellini’s account as a source for inspiration, you may have already come across the Camaleonda Sofa – one of the visionary’s many iconic designs. The sofa recently popped up in my Explore feed via @Stylist and creative director @PernielleTeisbaek (the latter’s incredible home features the Camaleonda Sofa.)

Like a chameleon, The Camaleonda sofa – in its modular form – can be transformed into various arrangements depending on the space[s]. The sky really is the limit when it comes to creating your dream combination, through various materials and colours. It is one of my favourite designs that I thought could never be a reality as the originals on 1st dibs felt out of reach.

I recently moved into a new apartment and found myself in need of a sofa. I decided if I was going to purchase one, the plan would be to have it for a long time (maybe forever) and therefore would need it to be well made, adaptable (you never know where you will move too!) timeless in design, and easy to clean!

I looked at my saved posts on Instagram Explore for inspiration and the Camaleonda was consistently saved.

I looked on 1st Dibs and reminded myself that the inspiration was most definitely a pipe dream. Until Instagram’s trusty (or perhaps untrustworthy?) algorithm served me another dream sofa: Hello Cultka Studio.

CULTKĀ provide accessible, design-led pieces that blend art and functionality.

They are an Australian-based concept store, specialising in unique, timeless, and interesting pieces such as furniture, art, and homewares. Their mission is to provide high quality and competitively priced pieces (music to my ears) to the design-obsessed community in Australia.

Forever searching for new and old designs that combine shapes, textures, and colours, adding comfort & beauty to any space.

The CULTKĀ Camaleonda module options and materials will allow you to create the atmosphere you want and re-invent the room depending on your visual mood at the time. As humans, I think our state of mind and aesthetic vision is forever changing and evolving. We chop, change, move, make, buy, and sell – perhaps in a constant pursuit to elevate. I wonder, could the Camaleonda be the best life-long partner that can evolve and re-configure just as we do? I think so.

You can design your dream sofa by selecting the modules and materials you desire.

A few more sources of inspiration:

You can discover Cultka here

Or get in touch at

My Camaleonda sofa has arrived and it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, incredibly well made and my apartment smells of leather which I love (material chosen: dark brown Italian leather). After researching sofas for quite some time I think it is safe to say this was the best purchase decision.

Now for endless re-inventing of the room!