Credit: Cameron Hammond

At a glance, husband and wife duo Cameron and Rachel Hammond appear to have it all figured out. Their work as a photographer/producer duo sees them travel the world in the pursuit of work and pleasure – this year alone, they’ve traversed the borders of some 42 countries, documenting their candid, intimate findings from places like Oman, Dubai, Cinque Terre, Monaco, Venice, Capri, Spain and Portugal on sun-drenched 35mm film.

Herewith, Rachel – who says she is particularly passionate about Europe – shares her favourite photographs from their recent travels throughout Croatia and Montenegró with GRAZIA. The resulting portfolio is as convincing an argument as you’ll likely find for adding the Dalmatian Coast to your 2017 travel bucket list.

Split Riviera, Croatia
“Cameron and I enjoyed road-tripping down the Croatian Coast, and the Split Riviera is particularly beautiful and memorable to us. If you follow the coastal road (not the big inland highway) you will be treated to views of some pretty incredible beaches, coastal mountains and quaint towns. This photo was taken an hour or two south of Split.

“On the way be sure not to miss the picturesque town of Omis. Once you’ve past Omis, the water will become clearer and more blue with each beach you past. This is due to the underground freshwater springs that exist in this area, which contribute greatly to this region’s accolade of the world’s clearest seas. This day couldn’t have been more perfect to explore the coast, swim in the crystalline sea and eat those delicious Croatian pastries with cheese filling.”

Credit: Cameron Hammond
Credit: Cameron Hammond

Zadar, Croatia
“Zadar is often forgotten on a trip through Croatia, but it is certainly worth a visit. The beautiful old town is spectacular, and positioned out on a peninsula almost entirely surrounded by the ocean. Sunsets here are magical and considered some of the best on earth. Many people enjoy gathering in the evenings on the promenade, ice cream or beer in hand to watch nature’s spectacle. Completed by the eerie sounds of the sea organ as the waves splash up under the promenade, and you have a perfect night.

“Zadar is home to a gigantic ocean diving board which features in this photo. Cameron and I happened upon it while exploring the city, and I must confess that we spent hours here watching the guys showing off, throwing themselves into the waves in style. I even had a go myself off the second platform. Cameron captured this photo of me just watching in a completely natural moment. I love the way the guys are each doing something different… it’s one of my favourite photos.”

Credit: Cameron Hammond
Credit: Cameron Hammond
Hvar Island, Croatia
“Hvar Island is a beautiful isle just off the coast of Split in Croatia. It can be reached by an hour boat ride and is well worth the time and effort to visit. Cameron and I couldn’t believe our eyes when we pulled into the harbour of the namesake town. The charming marble streets are lined with restaurants, their tables spilling outside full of people enjoying a wine and local delicacies. Renting a car is a must here, as the island is deceivingly large.

“This beach in the photos is incredible and located just about 10 minutes drive from Hvar Town. A short hike down the hill will reveal the clear turquoise water and smooth pebbled beach. The water here is the perfect temperature and Cameron and I came every day to do a few laps to start our day off right. You can wander up the hill a bit on both sides of the beach to obtain the perfect photo opportunities. Additionally, there are a couple of small restaurants if you are hungry or craving a cold beer.”

Credit: Cameron Hammond
Credit: Cameron Hammond
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
“Montenegro is a place not many people have managed to visit yet, but I fear that’s all about to change. While a little off the beaten track, this small nation is only a two hour drive from Dubrovnik and its cities and beaches abound with unspoilt beauty. Kotor is an impressive walled old town and is set on an inlet surrounded by huge mountains. These fjords are some of the biggest in the world, and make for an incredible backdrop to an already spectacular place.

“Cameron and I drove further south from Kotor to Budva, but instead of stopping here as most people would, we continued to Sveti Stefan to explore this unique beach. Sveti Stefan consists of a dramatic peninsula with a beautiful little traditional town on it, which now has been converted to a very expensive hotel. Each side of the peninsula is a beautiful beach, complete with the perfect view over the peninsular town. The beach on the left (as you are looking to the sea) is public and an incredible visual spectacle of both natural beauty and great people watching. The water is calm and beautiful to swim in, and I would recommend buying some fruit from the local vendors; it’s cheap and very good quality.”

Credit: Cameron Hammond
Credit: Cameron Hammond
All swimwear provided by Suboo.

Tile and cover image: Cameron Hammond