Fragrance is typically a highly personal thing. Some women are instantly recognisable by their scent before they turn the corner. Others pick and choose a juice depending on their mood. Team GRAZIA typically fall into the latter category, simply because in this industry, we’re spoilt for choice and it would be a real shame not to try them all. New launches are a dime a dozen, but one such fragrance we’re infatuated with at the minute is Coach Floral Blush – a sweet but sparkling blend of goji berry, grapefruit, peony and woods. It’s light and airy; a highly appeasing but somewhat modern take on white floral redolence. It’s fun and upbeat, which makes sense given its roots in Americana and the culture of NYC in the height of summer. Bottled up in a candy pink flacon and embellished with the iconic Coach tea rose, Floral Blush is sure to make your heart (and nose) skip a beat this season. With that being said however, four opinions are better than one, so below, you’ll find team GRAZIA digress their thoughts on the scent both visually, and through words, below.

Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, Fashion Features Editor

“I turn to Coach’s Floral Blush fragrance when I’m in need of a little sweetness (which those close to me might argue is all the time!). So instead of sugar in my coffee or reaching for a piece of fruit, I’ll spritz this. For me, it captures the essence of summer, sweet peaches which have turned a little sticky in the sun.”

Emily Algar, Beauty Editor

“I love a perfume that leaves a trail or solicits compliments, and Coach Floral Blush is exactly that. It’s sweet, airy, and innocent – perfect for long, languid summer days where you want to smell good, but still fresh. If I had to make a tangible comparison, I’d say it’s a medley of crushed berries, zingy citrus and peaches blended with ice. My plan is to mist generously on all my pastel linen dresses and shirts this season.”

Annalyse Woodgate, Implementation Manager

“With the weather warming, I tend to steer away from my thick, heavy fragrances and instead look for a scent that best represents my mood and the day ahead. Coach Floral Blush is like warm days in a bottle. Each spritz leaves a fruity but light trail of berry and citrus. It’s perfect.”

Laura Cordaiy, Senior Integration Manager

“This scent reminds me of days spent sipping on grapefruit spritzers and buying huge bunches of peonies at the markets every Sunday. Two of my favourite things bottled up into a fresh scent I could happily spritz morning, afternoon, and night. It’s a nice feeling when someone says you smell good. Coach Floral Blush, you smell good.”

Coach Floral Blush Eau de Parfum 90ml, $155. SHOP NOW – MYER, SHOP NOW – DAVID JONES