The last time I wore stick on nails, I was 15 and attending my year 10 formal. They were gaudy French tips and by midnight, about four had detached. I spent the next morning picking the rest off, revealing my shredded nail beds beneath. Never again, I proclaimed (until the following weekend, when I affixed a pair of apple red talons to my chubby tween fingers for a friend’s birthday party). But I digress, stick-on nails have come leaps and bounds since I was young. Case in point: Chrissy Teigan.

Just weeks ago, the model and cookbook author shared an image of her attempting a DIY gel manicure on her Mum while isolating. She captioned, “I’d show you a close up but it ain’t pretty” alluding to the fact that this is one service best left to the professionals. But now, the Twitter gag queen has come up with an alternate, slightly chaotic solution: stick-on nails. But unlike the unbelievable renditions of my youth, these were surprisingly great.

Chrissy used a pinky-neutral set of pre-glued press-ons from Patricia Yankee. Oval in shape, they looked surprisingly okay, realistic even. Like a professional set of acrylics lacquered in OPI Bubble Bath. Impressive.

Image credit: Instagram/@chrissyteigan

The only question we have is longevity. Do they fall of while she’s making dinner? Picking up her kids? Do they remove easily or do you have to wait for them to peel off one by one, leaving you with half claws, half stubby fingers for about a week? Whether you see it as a worthy quarantine beauty endeavour or not, Chrissy now moonlights as a poster girl for the resurgence of stick-on nails everywhere.

Image credit: Instagram/@chrissyteigan