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Is there any other actor right now who strikes the balance between burly hunk, and old softie quite like Chris Hemsworth? Even his Instagram feed straddles this line impeccably. In the same week that he sends the Western Bulldogs (and pretty much the entire internet) into frenzy over a muscular display of support for his beloved AFL team, he has also thrown his Hollywood weight behind a cause close to his heart.

The 33-year old Australian actor has painted one of his nails to raise awareness about child abuse, to support YGAP’s “A Polished Man” campaign. Why just one nail? Representing the harrowing statistic that one in five children is subjected to physical or sexual violence, the campaign urges men to paint one nail as a way to raise awareness, take a stand and spark the conversation about this important cause.

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“I just signed up to the @YGAP @polishedman campaign! One in five children fall victim to physical and/or sexual violence, before they turn 18. That’s one too many. For the month of October, I’ll be painting one nail to represent this statistic and raise awareness and funds to end violence against children. Sign up today at and donate !#polishedman”
Credit: Instagram @chrishemsworth

And YGAP are thrilled to have the Thor star bringing light (and his 6.8 million followers) to the campaign, saying that since Hemsworth announced his alignment the Polished Man the Campaign have received 15 new signs up a minute. “Today, we celebrate another leading Australian male who wants to live in a world without violence. Chris Hemsworth is a true Polished Man,” says YGAP CEO and founder of Polished Man, Elliot Costello. “A man willing to raise his voice and commit to saying no to violence against children. We encourage all men to join Chris in becoming a Polished Man this October.”

For the entire month of October, Hemsworth will join other well-manicured ambassadors, including Braith Anasta, Tommy Little, Sam Wood, Didier Cohen, Gyton Grantley, Michael Klim, Josh Gibson, Josh Perry, Ryan Clarke, Dylan Alcott and Tai Hara, all who will paint their support for this worthy cause.

For more information or to donate head to their website here.