Chiara Ferragni can now add ‘face of a major beauty brand’ to her burgeoning resume, after being signed by luxury French cosmetic label, Lancôme.

The Blonde Salad founder and mega-influencer brings a wealth of style and business acumen (her Blonde Salad juggernaut is now a case study at the Harvard Business School) to the beauty brand. “I’m so excited with this unique collaboration with Lancôme,” Ferragni said. “I have been a fan of the brand since I was a young girl in Cremona [Italy]. The perfume, Trésor, has been the scent of my teenage years.”

Named “Most Powerful Fashion Influencer” by Forbes Magazine last year, the image curator and fashion connoisseur will bring a touch of Italian pizzazz to the 80-year-old French house, and will primarily focus on social media for the brand. With an Instagram following of 12 million, they’re in good hands, and are obviously thrilled with their latest acquisition. “Collaborating with Chiara Ferragni symbolises our willingness to inspire young women with relatable models,” Lancôme’s general manager, Françoise Lehmann said.

Whilst all upcoming projects are yet to be disclosed, it marks an exciting and stylish time for the brand, and one we can’t wait to see unfold. Blonde has never looked better.