It was the Eye Palette that had a 30,000-person-strong waitlist and sold out within hours. And this year, Charlotte Tilbury has done it again. As of today, her new, hotly-anticipated, limited-edition Eye Palette, Stars In Your Eyes, is available, and ready to set beauty hearts (and waiting lists) ablaze once more.

Much like last year’s Instant Eye Palette mania (it sold out within 24-hours, prompting an unprecedented flash sale such was the demand), this year’s limited edition drop is shaping up to be just as exclusive and coveted, with keen customers already waitlisted.

Despite its formula being the same – that iconic 4-in-1 palette – Stars In Your Eyes takes a decidedly sweeter turn (compared to last year’s more smouldering, sexed-up take), inspired by four magical moods: Love, Power, Happiness and Confidence. Crafted through Charlotte’s intrinsic knowledge of crystals and her colour-contrasting, eye-brightening secrets, each four looks boast a prime, enhance and smoke shade that either dials up the drama for night, or, mutes down a simple yet radiant day look.

Love Eyes is, as its name suggests, for those star-crossed lovers seeking a little romance. Inspired by Rose Quartz; prime with a matte cream shade, enhance with a shimmering rose gold and smoke it out with a peachy terracotta. For the boss ladies, Power Eyes plays muse to gold, with a gilded accord of warm, yellow and bronze gold shades which mean business. Whilst those a little more jovial in character will relish Happy Eyes; an amber-inspired, sun-lit look of rose copper, burnt amber and smoky brown. Then for the big players, Confident Eyes brings the wow-factor with a Topaz-Ruby look; a sparkling pink, metallic ruby red and matte plum.

A look for every mood, every outfit, every occasion – day or night – the crystal-inspired shades are made with real Diamond Powder (fancy, we know) and release a jewel-like light and clarity, for that famous Tilbury glow. Carefully curated by Charlotte herself, each shade is designed to put that elusive sparkle back in your eye.

A palette for the beauty ages, remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone – so get in quick. Don’t make us say: we told you so.

The Charlotte Tilbury Stars in Your Eyes palette, $120, launches today and is available only at