We’ve all been guilty of it, I’m sure. TMOS: The Mistreatment Of Sunglasses. Personally, mine starts day one, when I inevitably lose the sensible, protective case mere moments after leaving the store. Without this housing, however, I still treat my shades to a few weeks of mollycoddling. They get carefully put on the car dash (up the right way), they get stowed in their own, non-dirty pocket of my handbag and they even get a little spritz-and-shammy (with the proper spray) every other day. They chuckle smugly as they’re held more delicately than their handbag colleagues, sure that the horrifying state of Wallet could never happen to them.

But as the weeks pass, my walls start to crumble. I’m unable to keep up the act. My shades start to realise that the sunglass-respecting person they’d met in the store was a lie. They begin to get put on café tables upside-down…and occasionally even left there. Lenses get scratched and arms get chewed. They get dropped on gravel and squished into too-small purses. The realness of being on-call, in poor conditions every day gets all too real. The elite handbag accommodation they’d initially enjoyed is also soon replaced by grotty share-housing. Rooming with bottom-of-bag coins, half-eaten Arrowroot biscuits and, most terrifyingly of all, the jagged teeth of hungry car keys.

And still I continue to lug their sorry lenses on to my face. Squinting through scratches, smudging them with my t-shirt and forcing their over-stretched arms to desperately cling to my nose and ears. By now they’ve even met “the spare pair”. The older, jaded ones, with a dodgy hinge that live deep in the handbag dungeon. The pair that tells haunting stories of years without sunlight, of that time a banana lived next to them for two weeks and how once upon a time they were “the good pair” too.

TMOS just seems to happen. I guess it’s a lazy, fashion-evolution thing, that when life gets busy care-instructions get forgotten. But I think I have a solution. And that solution (like for a lot of things in life) is Chanel. I need to purchase shades I’ll love so much that I’ll cotton-wool them for life. Ones I’d treat as a fashion-daughter, helicopter-ing over them so that their delicate frames never need know the harsh world of bitchumen roads or sandy towels.

With shades birthed from the spring summer collection of one Mr Karl Largerfeld, surely I’d be persuaded to treat them this way. I’d tuck them into their palatial leather housing each night, bathe them in a non-spit liquid and respect their superior little hinges by probably absolutely never shoving them over my head. I’d know that the little ‘CC’ on their side means Coco is always watching. She’ll see if I fling them on the car seat, and she’ll curse me with 7 years bad fashion. So I’m doing it. I’m purchasing a pair of shiny new frames that were designed by the late Mr Largerfeld as he paid stylish homage to the South of France’s seaside. They’re fastened with denim trims and golden hues and roping detail to make them even more deliciously special.

And just to be safe, I’m getting the pair with the handy chain-strap. So that they hang on to me, when I can’t hang on to them. Not only are they outrageously chic, but perfect for those moments when their case might be out of reach (lost) or I need to find the other half of the Arrowroot. Thank you Karl and Coco, for ending TMOS, one very stylish pair of sunglasses at a time.

Here’s our edit of the super-chic new Chanel collection for you to SHOP right now.

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