Ever since Lucia Pica left to join Ben Gorham at Byredo, Chanel Beauty has been without a creative figurehead. But in an exciting announcement, the house has shared the news of the ‘Cometes Collective‘, a group of three emerging artists hand-picked to map out the future of the beauty category.

As of the current moment, these talents are Ammy Drammeh, Cécile Paravina, and Valentina Li, each chosen because of their raw talent, unique perspective and vibrant vision of beauty. Their role is to be that of a creative or artistic director: to reimagine iconic products, invent inspiring seasonal collections, bring new colourways to life and illuminate various campaigns and runway shows.

It’s a unique move for the French luxuriate – few houses have ever appointed more than one leading figure to steer a category. But it seems we’re living in a time where collaboration is more valued than ever (see Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons), and to have not one but three influential female talents at the helm is an exciting prospect.

Ammy Drammeh, Cécile Paravina, and Valentina Li of the CHANEL BEAUTY COMETES COLLECTIVE

Of Spanish and Gambian heritage, Ammy has already confirmed her place in fashion, being named on both the 2018 and 2019 British Fashion Council’s New Waves Creative List. Her work is multi-faceted: raw skin, slivers of colour and intricate adornments. from Harry Styles on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens to seasonal campaigns for Bottega Veneta, there’s not a lot she can’t do.

Ammy Drammeh for Chanel Beauty

Cécile began by studying design in Antwerp (at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, alongside alumni like Dries Van Noten and Peter Philips), before eventually moving into makeup artistry. But this grounding has influenced her now style, one characterised by clean lines, interesting textures and vivid colour schemes.

Cécile Paravina for Chanel Beauty

Valentina, who hails from Southern mainland China, has studied in both Paris and Beijing, a cross-Atlantic experience that’s shaped her bold style. A fan of colour and all things high shine, Li’s signature aesthetic is sure to beautifully compliment Chanel’s classic style.

Valentina Li for Chanel Beauty

Watch this space for more on what the Cometes Collective dream up in the coming months.