British television host James Corden made a causal stop by Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas to pick up one of it’s most famous residents: Céline Dion. Inside the car, the 51-year-old French Canadian powerhouse’s humour was quirkier than ever and in some instances caught the The Late Late Show host off-guard, like when she kissed him on the lips while singing the lyrics “If you kiss me like this”. What followed was a series of eye-rolls, blank stares and looks of bewilderment from an animated Dion in between belting out her iconic classics like “It’s All Coming Back To Me”, “Because You Loved Me” and “I Drove All Night”.

When Cordon asked Dion how many pairs of shoes she owned, she responded between 3,000 and 5,000. “I heard it was 10,000,” replied Cordon to Dion’s deadpan admission, “Maybe. I didn’t want to say that.” She then went on to explain the “warehouse” in Vegas in which she keeps them all. Calling her out for owning too many, Cordon had the singer dealing out pairs of shoes to people on the street.

But perhaps the best moment of all happened when both performers did a rendition of Dion’s most famous track “My Heart Will Go On” in a on a small boat – with a Titanic branded floatation device – in the middle of the fountains at Caesar’s Palace Casino. Onlookers were confused and stunned and trying to make sense of what Dion was indeed doing in a lake with the “heart of the ocean” around her neck.

Dion’s mega-budgeted Carpool Karaoke cameo was all of 15 minutes but it will go down as the most epic one of all time. See it here in all its shameless, chest-pumping glory.