Credit Instagram: @fashionably_alee

It’s been the month of experimentation for celebs, with undercuts, peroxides, and pastels the order of the day. Just this week we’ve seen Kristen Stewart shave her hair and go platinum, Emma Roberts swap her gold tones for “Smokey quartz”, and Selena Gomez give out hints via Twitter that she’s now sporting dusty pink balayaged locks.


But while it’s quite common for celebrities to get a little crazy in the hair salon, can these cutting-edge looks translate to us everyday consumers? For Wild Life Hair director and ghd ambassador Jayne Wild, a radical change is definitely achievable – with some help from the professionals.


“Seek professional trustworthy advice, preferably from a hairdresser that has known you and your hair for a while – they are sure to give you an honest opinion on suitability. Bone structure is a must for something like Kristen’s buzz cut and a suitable skin tone is a MUST for any major colour change,” reveals Wild.


Credit Instagram: @emmaroberts


And if you’re serious in wanting to emulate Stewart, Robert or Gomez’s new dos, it’s best to first consider these practicalities from Wild on what personal attributes work best:

BUZZ CUT: “Fine, strong bone structure – it’s got to be pixie-like or just quite ‘evident’ in strength, otherwise if it’s too heavy, a strong bone structure can look too masculine. Angular is best.”

SMOKEY QUARTZ COLOUR: “This colour is certainly not suitable for very pale skin as it will wash the skin out even more. You need to have a slight warmth to the base tone of your skin.”

PASTEL BALAYAGE: “Contrasting colours work – making sure the balance of the ‘two tones’ is still suitable to your skin tone. Beware, if your hair base colour is very dark, you need to lighten the ends – but this can cause the tone used to wash out if lifted too much!”