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Even now the question remains on how Carrie Bradshaw, a columnist living in a one bedroom apartment in the heart of Manhattan and who would go out drinking cosmos every night, could also afford the designer wardrobe of our dreams. The illusion was well and truly shattered this week when it was revealed that one particular item in Sex and the City was actually a fake. At least in real life anyways.

Speaking in a new interview where she broke down 17 looks from the hit television series, she admitted that the blue Hermès birkin bag that she carried in a 2002 episode was actually, gasp, a knock-off.

Paired with a tiny green bandeau dress and red pumps, the main purpose of the bag was to hide Sarah Jessica Parker‘s in-real-life baby bump. “That is not a real Hermès bag, just so you know,” the 56-year-old recalled. “Pat [Field, the series’ costume designer], like, had a person. And she was like, ‘Do you want one? I could get you one.’”

“That bag had one job to do, and did it very poorly,” she joked. “Maybe if it was a real Hermès bag, it would’ve done a better job!”

American actor Sarah Jessica Parker takes a break from filming the HBO series, ‘Sex and the City,’ on location in New York City, June 17, 2002. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

If you’re wondering what the big deal is, Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall) surmised it in the series so perfectly. “It’s not so much the style, it’s what carrying it means,” Samantha tells Carrie. “When I’m tooling around town with that bag, I’ll know I’ve made it.”

As for the little green dress? “The dress is real, and it’s Juicy Couture,” she added.

Parker’s appearance comes off the back of the season one finale of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. The series received a mix reception – it was criticised for missing the mark on so many topics and writing out Kim Cattrall’s character so lazily – and has not been renewed for a second season… yet.